What is self instructional module?

A self-instructional module is a way for you to learn at your own pace about a new topic. This module is a guide that you can use to construct healthy meals for a lifetime. First you will take a pretest to determine what you know about the Food Guide Pyramid.

What is a instructional module?

An instructional module is a self-contained unit that focuses on a specific learning goal or instructional focus. It usually contains documents, multi-media experiences, discussion boards, and information for the student and groups to use.

What is the main purpose of instructional modules?

Modules allow the learners to go through the material at their own pace. They may be used for self-instruction or to complement instruction. Knowing how to write learning material in module format is an important skill that trainers should develop.

How do you develop instructional module?

Classify your instructional objectives according to the three learning domains – cognitive, affective and psychomotor and try to create goals for demonstrable skills and behaviors.

  1. Know Your Audience.
  2. Develop a Game Plan.
  3. Find or Create the Instructional Materials.
  4. Evaluate Your Learners.
  5. Evaluate Your Instruction.

What are the contents of a learning module?

A Learning Module is an organized collection of content presented together. A Learning Module can support a course goal, a course objective, a subject, a concept, or a theme. Instructors can set a structured path through the content items using a storyboard or a set of dependencies.

How do I make an outline module?

When creating your course outline there are some essential pieces that you need to include:

  1. Course Description from the Academic Calendar.
  2. Course Goals.
  3. Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes.
  4. Assessment Overview.
  5. Assessment Plan.
  6. Schedule of Activities.
  7. Plagiarism Announcement.
  8. Reading List.

How do you write a good module?

  1. Preparation and Pre-planning. Prepare a sequential plan of all steps necessary to complete the Module.
  2. Volunteer Group Activities. Explain the responsibilities that may be carried out by volunteer groups.
  3. Activities. This is where the writer describes the Module’s program or activity in detail.
  4. Post Activities.
  5. Attachments.

What are the modules in the nursing curriculum?

At the core of this framework is education of faculty members and coordination of the QSEN concepts into the curriculum. This module has been designed to assist you in understanding the background and development of interprofessional education (IPE) initiatives and to share a proposed conceptual framework of IPE.

Are there any interactive modules for registered nurses?

These cutting edge, interactive learning modules are available to all nurse faculty and students in entry-level and graduate-level registered nursing programs and can be accessed through AACN’s collaboration community.

What is the concept based learning model of Nursing Education?

M. Whittenberg RN, MSN, MHA Ms. Whittenberg developed this educational module to provide the staff nurse and/or preceptor nurse an orientation to the new model of nursing education. In addition, the module will discuss clinical tools for the staff nurse/preceptor to use to facilitate student clinical judgment skills. Lesson 2

Which is the best QSEN module for nursing students?

The module concludes by exploring the implications of nursing information management and nursing informatics for nursing research, education, and practice. In this module Susan Conner explores practical ways you can assess students’ achievement of QSEN competencies and use your assessment findings to promote students’ learning.