What is Reveillon dinner?

The History of Reveillon Dinners Derived from the French word for “awakening,” Reveillon originally was a meal served after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Early New Orleans was almost entirely Catholic, and virtually the entire community would participate in these ceremonies.

What dishes are usually prepared for Reveillon dinners?

Menu selections run the gamut from oyster chowder and turtle soup to braised lamb shank, broiled brisket, shrimp remoulade and crab ravioli. Most meals end on a sweeter note with a warm serving of bread pudding, cheesecake topped with everything imaginable or bananas foster.

What is there to do in New Orleans over Christmas?

  • Head to Lafayette Square for LUNA Fête.
  • Enter into a Winter Wonderland at the Roosevelt Hotel.
  • Head to a Holiday Parade (or two)
  • Go ice skating at NOLA ChristmasFest.
  • Light the way for Papa Noel.
  • Go holiday shopping on Magazine Street.
  • Sample a Holiday Cocktail.
  • Join the carolers in Jackson Square.

Who celebrates Reveillon?

Creoles living in New Orleans adopted the tradition from the Europeans, and celebrated the “Réveillon,” a French word meaning “awaken.” The name comes from the wee hours of the morning in which the meal traditionally took place. Families would join together on Christmas Eve and attend Midnight Mass together.

What is the traditional French Christmas dinner?

Capon or Turkey with chestnut stuffing This is the most popular and classic Christmas dish. Capon or Turkey is roasted in the oven with a generous chestnut stuffing. Sides are classic : chestnut again, green beans wrapped with bacon, truffle mashed potatoes…

Is New Orleans Nice in December?

While the Big Easy is enjoyable any time of the year, the best time of the year to visit New Orleans is November through December. Temperatures are plenty warm for most visitors, the city is dressed up in holiday decorations, and there are no crowds—which means cheaper rates for travel and accommodations.

What should I make for dinner on Christmas Eve?

45 Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas That Take One Hour or Less

  • Cacio e Pepe (20 minutes)
  • One-Pan Roasted Salmon with Potatoes and Romaine (40 minutes)
  • Three-Cheese Mac and Cheese (30 minutes)
  • Alison Roman’s Swordfish with Crushed Olives and Oregano (30 minutes)
  • Goat Cheese Pasta with Spinach and Artichokes (25 minutes)