What is perimeta?

Perimeta is the first session border controller (SBC) built entirely in software and designed to operate in any cloud environment. Featuring unique media and signaling plane separation, Perimeta can granularly scale to meet changing demands.

What is metaswitch used for?

Switch’s stimulant-free design helps support your body’s metabolism turn fat into fuel. Switch utilizes a proprietary mix of nutrients to help lower your appetite, reduce hunger pangs and food cravings while your body’s metabolism continues to work at its optimal level.

What is metaswitch Telecom?

MaX by Metaswitch is a mobile native communications platform blending the native dialer of the smartphone with network-based voice and messaging services.

What is the purpose of a session border controller?

A Session Border Controller (SBC) is a network function which secures voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructures while providing interworking between incompatible signaling messages and media flows (sessions) from end devices or application servers.

Why did Microsoft acquire Metaswitch?

Just a month after Microsoft announced it was buying mobile infrastructure company Affirmed Networks for a price Bloomberg reported as more than $1 billion, last week it announced that it’s buying Metaswitch to add to its expanding portfolio of edge cloud technology. …

Is a session border controller necessary?

One important role of a SBC is to protect your VoIP network from malicious activities. You may wonder why we need SBCs when we already have firewalls. Without a SBC, you put your VoIP system at risk of have intruders eavesdrop, steal your identification, and other malicious activities.

Is SBC a router?

An SBC acts as a router between a network and carrier service, enabling only authorized sessions to pass through the connection point or border. For security reasons, session border controllers are likely to be deployed on both the carrier and enterprise sides of the connection.

How much did Microsoft pay for metaswitch?

Microsoft paid at least $270 million in stock to acquire cloud-based communications software company Metaswitch Networks, according to a recent filing — showing the company’s strategy to compete with cloud rival Amazon Web Services by luring telecom customers as they build out their 5G networks.

Who bought metaswitch?

Microsoft announces definitive agreement to acquire Metaswitch Networks, expanding approach to empower operators and partner with network equipment providers to deliver on promise of 5G.

Does Microsoft own Metaswitch?

Microsoft Azure’s key initiatives over the past two years have been to expand its involvement in telecoms, culminating in Microsoft’s acquisition of Affirmed and Metaswitch, and the launch of the Azure for Operators portfolio.

Why do you need perimeta for Microsoft 365?

Perimeta for 365 is used by the Australian Government to protect against cyber threats and to manage and maintain compliance to the most stringent security standards. Why use Perimeta for 365? Rapidly empower your business with an automated, comprehensive deployment of Microsoft 365 to national security standards.

How to apply for perimeta for 365 in Australia?

Simply login to the Perimeta for 365 portal, configure communication with your 365 tenant, select the template to compare against your environment, customise your configuration if required and click ‘Apply’. Contact us at [email protected] or call 1300 753 707 to speak with a human and we’ll help you get started.

What kind of security standards does perimeta support?

But we didn’t stop there. Now we support a wide variety of standards ranging from the Australian / New Zealand Government Information Security Manual (ISM) PROTECTED/RESTRICTED, ISO 2700x, NIST SP 800 and APRA CPS 234, to name just a few.

How does perimeta Sde help in load balancing?

Featuring unique media and signaling plane separation, Perimeta can granularly scale to meet changing demands. Our solution features a secure distribution engine (SDE) for load balancing and distributed admission control (DAM) for simplifying massively scalable deployments. How do we help?