What is OEA Jupas?

What is the OEA? The OEA is an overview of your academic credentials, a table of your other learning experiences, and a personal essay of 500 words. The OEA is like a resume, Ng says, which gives your interviewers and university admissions officers an idea of what your interests and competencies are.

Is SAT required for Hkust?

Ans. Yes, international applicants need to submit SAT/ Act test scores (for undergraduate programs), GMAT/ GRE (post- graduate programs) while applying at HKUST.

What is advanced standing CUHK?

What is “Advanced Standing”? A non-JUPAS or international applicant may apply for “Admission with Advanced Standing” if he/she meets specific requirements on relevant qualifications (including GCE-AL, IB, Cambridge Pre-U, HKALE, Associate Degree/Higher Diploma).

When do I need a reference report for JUPAS?

Each non-school applicant is allowed to submit ONE Reference Report only. They may however also choose not to submit one. Copies of the Reference Reports, if available, must be completed and returned to the JUPAS Office via email at [email protected] on or before the deadline of 24 March 2021 (11:59 pm).

How to apply for CUHK as a referee?

Please ask your students to nominate you as a referee by providing your particulars in the “Online Recommendation Form” section of your online application, after submitting the online application and settling the application fee. You will then receive from our system an email of invitation and of your login information respectively.

Where can I get a confidential referee report?

Your referee will then receive an invitation email to login the “Online Confidential Recommendation System” to complete the Confidential Recommendation/Referee Report. By hardcopy: You can print Confidential Recommendation Form in the section “Paper Recommendation Form”.

What should I ask in a non JUPAS interview?

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