What is meant by Yolo Swaggins?

L – Live. O – Once. ( You Only Live Once) It is used to say ‘Life is short, so have fun.’

What does Swaggin mean?

to lurch or sag or cause to lurch or sag. 11. ( transitive) to adorn or arrange with swags.

What does swag mean to a teenager?

Swag, Fire Lit, Sic – These words are used to describe something cool or awesome. For example, a teen might say, “This class is really swag” or “That’s sic!”

What does Savage mean on social media?

It is a slang that means brutal but awesome/cool, badass, or hardcore. It is used to describe someone or something that did something that would have taken a lot of courage so it is awesome.

What is the meaning of Slayin?

verb (used with object), slew or slayed (especially for def. 4); slain;slay·ing. to kill by violence. to destroy; extinguish. sley.

What does Ballin mean?

Filters. (African American Vernacular, slang) Having an ostentatiously wealthy lifestyle.

Why is swag a bad word?

It’s likely that the sense of swag which means “loot” comes from a term thieves used to describe stolen goods. We have 17th-century evidence of a number of phrases from the underworld that use this sense of swag, like swag-shop (a shop selling goods) and rum swag (full of rich goods).

What does getting t/d mean?

-Getting loose or relaxed. -Getting drunk or wasted. -Being wild (usually attributed to partying)

What does Yolo stand for?

YOLO is a popular acronym that stands for “you only live once and is used as a reminder to seize the day or take chances in life.

What does Yolo mean in Urban Dictionary?

June 22, 2019 Urban Dictionary. A YOLO Girl (or just A Yolo) is a female who has taken the saying “You only live once” (YOLO) as an excuse to throw around their vagina and have sex with as many people as possible.

What does Yolo mean in gaming?

2. In computer gaming, YOLO or YOLO’ing means to enter a dangerous or difficult situation without much planning or regard for the outcome this action. For example, trying to take on too many players in a game at the same time.

What does #Yolo mean to you?

From a secular sense, #YOLO means (in my opinion) to let go of that our fear that holds us back from doing something. We should be light and just do things on whim so that we won’t have heavy regret and instead have satisfied lives. #YOLO is not appropriate for any time, but it has very meaningful uses.