What is HTL Leather?

All leathers used on HTL seating are made from Australian and South American hides in the brand’s own tannery, using environmentally-friendly methods. The leathers are then selected, patterned, cut and sewn by hand onto the precision-cut hardwood frame of every sofa, sectional and chair.

Where is HTL furniture manufactured?

Along with a team of more than 7,500 employees, the company has fully integrated manufacturing facilities in China as well as marketing offices across the globe. HTL’s quality products are marketed to more than 40 countries, through its vast network of sales partners and retailers.

What is the best grade of leather furniture?

Full grain leathers are the strongest and most durable and a piece of high quality hide can last for 25, 30, 40 years and more. The patina of age which full grain leather develops will make older leather furniture even more beautiful which is why antique leather is so valuable.

Is elran good quality?

Elran furniture quality is top-notch because they use top-notch materials down to each unit’s core. At each unit’s base is solid steel, backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, and construction-grade spruce plywood, resistant to both warping and cracking.

What are the different grades of furniture leather?

As we mentioned, there are five common grades of leather:

  • Full-grain leather.
  • Top-grain leather.
  • Split-grain leather.
  • Genuine leather*
  • Bonded leather*

How many years should a leather sofa last?

How long does leather furniture last? Quality leather furniture should last you 25 years or more. Some people will keep it for 40 years! Many of these pieces are passed on as heirlooms.

Can you tell the quality of HTL sofas?

I did an internet search on HTL to try to ascertain the quality of their sofas, but could not find anything. I am wondering if there are AT readers out there who have experience with this brand.”

How long has the leather furniture industry been around?

The following information was compiled from using more than 40 years in the leather furniture industry on a manufacturer, and retail level. The owner created this list originally in 1990 to help you understand more about leather furniture brands and has kept it updated since.

Which is the best brand of leather furniture?

Most every manufacturer feels they make the best product, but realistically they fall into a certain category as compared to their peers. Many factors come into play here (climate, amount of use, size and weight of user, children, application, i.e.: residential or commercial etc.) as durability and lifespan are dictated.