What is cutter compensation right?

Cutter compensation allows for fine tuning the tool path, and adjustment of part dimensions, without having to change the program itself. There are two G codes used to enable cutter compensation. G41 offsets the tool to the left of the tool path and G42 offsets the tool to the right of the tool path.

How does cutter compensation work?

What is Cutter Compensation? Cutter compensation (cutter comp), also sometimes called Cutter Diameter Compensation (CDC), provides a way to adjust the toolpath at the machine to compensate for tool size, tool wear, and tool deflection.

What is cutter radius compensation and cutter length compensation discuss when and how it is used in the part Programme explain with example?

Cutter radius compensation compensates for the radius of a cutting tool by causing the controller to maintain a constant offset that is perpendicular to the programmed path in a two-dimensional plane. You can use this feature to compensate for the diameter of a cutting tool or the width of a laser.

What is the advantages of cutter radius compensation?

With cutter radius compensation, the programmer can use the coordinates of the work surface, not the tool’s centerline path, so eliminating the need for many calculations.

What is tool length compensation?

As the name suggests, tool length compensation enables a cnc machine to compensate for many tools of different lengths. It allows a machinist to set a Z axis datum on a part and use multiple tools without having to reset the Z datum for each tool used. An operator may need to use a lot of these tools in one program.

What will happen if cutter radius compensation is not Cancelled?

If you do forget to cancel cutter radius compensation, it’s likely that your series of motions will eventually break a cutter compensation rule and generate some kind of alarm. However, if no alarms are generated, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Why is cutter radius compensation provided?

Roughing And Finishing If contours must be rough and finish milled, cutter radius compensation allows the programmer to used the same programmed coordinates to execute each operation. This keeps the programmer from having to calculate two sets of milling coordinates (one for roughing and one for finishing).

What is tool length and cutter radius compensation?

Tool offsets are the set of values that move the centre point of the cutter to the correct position for cutting a work piece using a specific tool. Cutter radius compensation. On some CNC machines you may need to enter the radius value of the cutter instead. This is called cutter radius compensation.

What is H IN G code?

G codes for tool length compensation The H code tells the control which length offset value to use, when length compensation is active (as selected by G43 or G44). Generally, the H code is the same as the tool number.