What is considered full-time at CWI?

12+ credits
Most new CWI students enroll full-time (12+ credits per semester) and we want you to know the maximum amount of grant and scholarship aid that could be available to you.

What scholarships does CWI offer?

College of Staten Island Scholarship Program Scholarships are offered through the generosity of the College of Staten Island, the CSI Foundation, and the many College academic departments and associations. Memorial scholarships, honoring individuals and organizations who value higher education, are also available.

How do I pay my CWI tuition?

Payment in Full

  1. Online – using myCWI. Under MyToolkit select Student Account Information>Make a Payment.
  2. By Phone – You may pay by phone by calling 208.562. 3000 during normal business hours.
  3. By mail – Make your check payable to: College of Western Idaho.

How many credits is a full-time student CWI?

Full-time Students: Degree-seeking students taking 12 or more credits per term. Part-time Students: Degree-seeking students taking fewer than 12 credits per term. Non-matriculated Students: Non-degree-seeking students.

What is a passing grade at CWI?

For continued progression within the program: a “C” or above is required in every theory course and a “Pass” is required in every lab and/or practicum course. You may not move onto the next semester without passing all courses for that semester.

How much do credits cost at CWI?

Academic Year 2020-2021

Type Estimated Cost Per Credit
In-District Idaho Residents $139 per credit
Out-of-District Idaho Residents (More about Out-of-District) $139 per credit plus $50 per credit up to $500 per semester
Out-of-State and International Students (More about Out-of-State) $306 per credit

How do I set up a payment plan with CWI?

Where do I sign up for payment plan? Students can request a payment plan online in myCWI by selecting My Toolkit for Students>Student Account Information>Payment Plan Enrollment. Then select the term for which are you requesting a plan and follow the prompts.

How much is a credit at BSU?


Undergraduate RESIDENT Per Semester Both Semesters*
Tuition & Fees (11-16 Credits) $4,030 $8,060
Tuition & Fees (1-10 Credits) $366.64 per credit $366.64 per credit
Tuition per credit hour over 16 hours $252 per credit $252 per credit

How can I contact financial aid?

Financial Aid also can be reached by phone at 423-697-4402. Please note that during the busiest times your phone call may be answered by an outside support service, not staff in the Financial Aid office. However, the support service is knowledgeable about our financial aid system and can help you with many questions you may have.

How can I accept my financial aid?

How to accept your financial aid award(s) To review and accept and/or decline your awards, you must: Login to S.A.I.L. From the main menu, select the Financial Aid tab. Click the Award link. Click the Award for Aid Year link. From the drop-down menu, select the award year you would like to view and click Submit.

How can I obtain financial aid?

Gather the documents you’ll need.

  • Apply early to maximize your aid.
  • Accept the aid you want.
  • Get your aid from your school.
  • Reapply each year.
  • What do you need to know about financial aid?

    4 Important Eligibility Requirements to Qualify for Financial Aid Check basic eligibility requirements for financial aid. Start by reviewing and understanding the basic eligibility criteria for federal financial aid. Submit the FAFSA. To receive any type of federal financial aid, you must next file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as the FAFSA. Maintain satisfactory academic progress.