What is CIF in CCTV?

CIF (Common Intermediate Format or Common Interchange Format), also known as FCIF (Full Common Intermediate Format), is a standardized format for the picture resolution, frame rate, color space, and color subsampling of digital video sequences used in video teleconferencing systems.

What is a resolution for 16 * CIF video?

A standard resolution – 352 x 288 pixels – used by some digital cameras for either images or video.

Which is better CIF or QCIF?

QCIF images or videos are 176 pixels wide and 144 pixels tall (176 x 144 pixels). The name Quarter CIF is written as QCIF and the resolution is four times smaller than the CIF resolution (352 x 288 pixels). QCIF is smaller than CIF, QVGA, and VGA.

What is meant by CIF?

Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) is an international shipping agreement used when freight is shipped via sea or waterway. Under CIF, the seller is responsible for covering the costs, insurance, and freight of the buyer’s shipment while in transit.

What is resolution D1?

D1 is a resolution standard for TV and DVD-Video. In the NTSC system, Full D1 represents 720×480 pixels. The specifications for D1 TV and DVD-Video are as follows: TV PAL: 704×576. DVD-Video PAL: 720×576 (MPEG2)

What is CIF resolution?

Image sizes are commonly referred to using the Common Intermediate Format (CIF) measurement. CIF was designed to be easy to convert to PAL or NTSC analog video standards. CIF defines a video image with a resolution of 352 x 288 exactly like a standard PAL source input format.

When should I use CIF?

The terms are also used for inland and air shipments. CIF is considered a better way to buy goods for those who are new to international trade. It might also be a better option for new traders who have small cargos.

What does CIF stand for in high school sports?

With sporting activities associated to the CIF, many high school sports in the state of California are referred to as CIF sports. It simply means that the sporting activity or event is being governed and sanctioned by the CIF. The best thing about the CIF is that it governs over most of the public and private high schools in California.

What does CIF stand for in CCTV cameras?

CIF, which stands for Common Intermediate Format, also known as FCIF (Full Common Intermediate Format), is a format used to standardize the horizontal and vertical resolutions in pixels of YCbCr sequences in video signals. Usually, in home and business CCTV camera world, terms also used are CIF, 2CIF (2x CIF), and 4CIF (4× CIF),…

How many high schools are in the CIF Southern Section?

Founded in 1913, the CIF Southern Section includes over 585 member public and private high schools and is by far the largest CIF section.

What kind of video is used in CCTV?

In CCTV, analog refers to a Camera Video Format. This refers to systems and components that use the Video standard NTSC/PAL composite video formats. New technology has allowed Analog to attain high resolutions which are reffered to as HD Analog or HDCCTV. Current HD Resolutions are up to 8MP as of 2019.