What is ApplicationContextAware in Spring?

In spring, if a bean implements ApplicationContextAware , then it is able to access the applicationContext . Therefore it is able to get other beans. e.g.

What is the use of an ApplicationContextAware interface?

Interface ApplicationContextAware. Interface to be implemented by any object that wishes to be notified of the ApplicationContext that it runs in. Implementing this interface makes sense for example when an object requires access to a set of collaborating beans.

What is aware injection in Spring?

Aware. interface, the Spring Framework injects a particular framework object to the bean through a callback-style method. The object Spring injects depends on the interface which the bean implements. For example, if the bean implements the. ApplicationContextAware.

What is ClassPathXmlApplicationContext in Spring?

ClassPathXmlApplicationContext is a Spring core framework class. It is used to load bean configuration xml file from the class path location of the application.

What is a BeanFactory in Spring?

Answer: A BeanFactory is like a factory class that contains a collection of beans. The BeanFactory holds Bean Definitions of multiple beans within itself and then instantiates the bean whenever asked for by clients. The BeanFactory is the actual container which instantiates, configures, and manages a number of beans.

What is the use of BeanNameAware interface in spring?

BeanNameAware makes the object aware of its bean name. It is best used in pre annotation config spring (2. x). You could reference the bean from a locator by its name then.

How is event handling done in spring?

Event handling in the ApplicationContext is provided through the ApplicationEvent class and ApplicationListener interface. Hence, if a bean implements the ApplicationListener, then every time an ApplicationEvent gets published to the ApplicationContext, that bean is notified.

What is BeanFactoryAware in Spring?

BeanFactoryAware is used to inject the BeanFactory object. With the help of the setBeanFactory() method, we assign the BeanFactory reference from the IoC container to the beanFactory property. After that, we can use it directly like in the getMyBeanName() function.

What is Bean name aware in Spring?

BeanNameAware makes the object aware of its bean name. It is best used in pre annotation config spring (2. x). You could reference the bean from a locator by its name then. BeanFactoryAware gives the bean access to the beanfactory that created it.

How do I use BeanFactory in Spring?

Example for using Spring BeanFactory :

  1. Step 1 : Create pom.xml. pom.xml.
  2. Step 2 : Create Employee class : Employee.java. Employee.java.
  3. Step 3 : Create spring configuration file : Spring-Bean.xml.
  4. Step 4 : Create a main class to access the Spring core context. Client.java.

Is Spring and Spring MVC same?

Spring Framework is an open source application framework and inversion of control container for the Java platform. Spring MVC (Model–view–controller) is one component within the whole Spring Framework, to support development of web applications.

How to use applicationcontextaware in spring programming?

In spring we can get ApplicationContext anywhere in our code with the help of ApplicationContextAware. ApplicationContextAware is the interface and there is only one method setApplicationContext() in it. When a class implements ApplicationContextAware, that class needs to override the setApplicationContext() method.

How to inject spring applicationcontext into any Bean?

We can inject spring ApplicationContext as a bean into any bean. By doing so, we are effectively making our bean ApplicationContext aware. Our bean then programmatically can retrieve other beans by calling ApplicationContext.getBean () or retrieve any resources by calling applicationContext#getResource ()

What happens if a bean implements applicationcontextaware?

In spring, if a bean implements ApplicationContextAware, then it is able to access the applicationContext. Therefore it is able to get other beans. e.g.

When to call applicationcontextaware in spring-Dinesh?

A bean which implements the ApplicationContextAware -interface and is deployed into the context will be called back on the creation of the bean, using the interface’s setApplicationContext (…) method, and provided with a reference to the context, which may be stored for later interaction with the context.