What is an IMC in aviation?

Instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) are meteorological conditions expressed in terms of visibility, distance from cloud, and ceiling, less than the minima specified for visual meteorological conditions (VMC). ( ICAO Annex 2)

Can you fly IFR in IMC?

As soon as the visibility drops down (in fog, or when flying through a cloud), your flight conditions are IMC. The pilot (you) must hold an IFR rating and the aircraft must be IFR certified in order to fly in IMC weather conditions. Flying in IMC is not allowed under VFR rules!

What is required for IMC?

To fly in IMC, they must possess an instrument rating, and be in an instrument-approved aircraft. The instrument rating is usually the second course a pilot takes, especially if they are pursuing a professional career path. Limits are placed on VFR flights. They cannot operate above FL180, or about 18,000 feet MSL.

What defines IMC?

In aviation, instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) is a flight category that describes weather conditions that require pilots to fly primarily by reference to instruments, and therefore under instrument flight rules (IFR), rather than by outside visual references under visual flight rules (VFR).

Can you fly IMC without an IFR flight plan?

No IFR flight plan needs to be filed with the flight service station or DUATS. You can simply call clearance delivery or, if clearance delivery is not available, ground control, and request a “tower en route” or “tower-to-tower” to your destination airport.

Is inadvertent IMC an emergency?

An inadvertent IMC encounter is a genuine emergency that requires appropriate action. ATC should be contacted and an emergency declared as soon as possible, but pilots must not let the tuning of radios or other tasks distract them from maintaining control of the airplane.

What are IMC minimums?

Instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) means weather conditions below the minimums prescribed for flight under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

What does IMC mean in hospital?

Intermediate Care unit
The Intermediate Care unit (IMC) is a 26-bed critical care step-down unit. We receive patients from many areas, including but not limited to: the Emergency Department, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, and medical-surgical floors.