What is a good load for 223?

Winchester USA 55-Grain FMJ. The 55-grain FMJ at more or less 3000 fps is by far the most commonly encountered . 223 Remington loading. Relatively inexpensive, accurate enough for most uses, and available from the major makers, this is a great loading for all-around practice and target shooting.

What is the best load for .223 AR 15?

Several Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester powders are appropriate for full-power 223 Rem. handloads, and faster-burning powders like HP38 and Trail Boss can be used for low-velocity specialty loads.

Has Sierra stopped making bullets?

Sierra is running as much product as possible at this time. There have been no shut-downs or interruptions to production. We want to provide as much supply as possible to our customers. If you need help with any loading questions, call us at 1-800-223-8799, or e-mail us at [email protected].

Are Sierra Bullets good?

Well-Known Member I’ve found that Sierra Pro Hunters are consistently the most accurate bullets for whatever caliber I try them in. They are usually my go-to for new calibers to start out with.

What are good powders for 223?

223 shooters and you’ll probably get a dozen different powder recommendations. For the lighter bullets, H335 ball powder is a proven performer, and N133 shows outstanding accuracy. For 55gr to 60gr bullets, Benchmark, TAC, H4895, and AA2015 are excellent choices.

What primers do you use for 223?

Remington 6 1/2 small rifle primers tend to work best in bolt . 223 over semi auto . 223/ 5.56 rifles. The CCI #41 is a Mil Spec primer very similar to their #400, all of the Small standard primer types (pistol, pistol magnum, rifle, and rifle magnum) will fit in the .

Is CFE 223 any good?

While it meters well, we wanted precisely equal powder charges for each round for this testing, so all powder charges were weighed using an RCBS Chargemaster 1500 dispensing scale. CFE223 yields top velocities and accuracy in many popular rifle cartridges, including the 17 Rem., 204 Ruger, .

Are Sierra MatchKing bullets good for hunting?

The Sierra tipped Matchkings work well for animals from deer to even elk using a 30/06 or . 308 Winchester. I would not use the non-tipped version, because as noted by others, many of those might just pass through and not effect enough damage to actually put the animal down fast enough.

Are HPBT bullets good for hunting?

Hollow point bullets come in an amazing array of styles, and among them is the boat tail. The hollow point boat tail bullet (HP-BT) – also known as the boat tail hollow point or BTHP ammo – is primarily a rifle ammunition used for hunting big game at long range, and is sometimes used as a coyote and wolf ammo.

Is CFE 223 a ball powder?

CFE™223 is a spherical (ball) powder, so it meters well.

What size primer does a 223 use?

Which is 223 69 grain Sierra HPBT to use?

I’ve found that Alliant PP2000 MR with 69 gr SMK’s do well in my 26″ bbl bolt action .223. 26.5 gr charge @2.260 COAL. Nice and fast too hitting just above 3000 fps. Might be a little stiff for those shooting AR’s though.

Which is the best caliber for a Sierra rifle?

This bullet is slightly “hard” at 222 or 223 Remington velocities, but are especially well suited for velocities from 22-250 and 220 Swift cartridges. For handguns, while capable of producing traditional Sierra accuracy, this bullet must be considered too “hard” at handgun velocities for anything other than target applications.

What kind of bullet is the Sierra 1039?

The #1039 was introduced in 2005. .22 CALIBER 40 GR. HORNET For rifles, this bullet was formed with a thin-walled jacket and soft core in the traditional roundnose shape for cartridges such as the 22 Hornet, 22 K-Hornet, or 218 Bee at muzzle velocities in the 2600 to 2900 fps range.

What’s the max load for a Sierra HPBT?

You weren’t tilting the powder can hard enough. Competitive AR shooters are running up toward 25 grains, and Sierra’s max load for bolt guns is over 26 grains. I’ve found that Alliant PP2000 MR with 69 gr SMK’s do well in my 26″ bbl bolt action .223. 26.5 gr charge @2.260 COAL.