What is a Ballistic Silvertip bullet?

Ballistic Silvertip bullets are aerodynamically efficient and have boattail designs to maximize long-range bullet stability and accuracy. The streamlined portion of the bullet in the front of the bearing surface minimizes wind drift and flattens trajectories.

Who makes Ballistic Silvertip bullets?

Nosler’s Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip® bullet takes Nosler’s Ballistic Tip® technology for accuracy, penetration, and controlled expansion; and combines it with Winchester’s Lubalox® black oxide coating process to make every shot you fire easier on your barrel.

Are Ballistic Tip bullets good for hunting?

Ballistic Tip bullets have a polymer tip (color-coded by caliber) that helps protect the bullets from deformation in the magazine, initiates expansion on impact, and improves their ballistic coefficient. It’s also not intended for hunting extremely large and tough game (like Nosler’s ammo loaded with AccuBond bullets).

What is Lubalox made of?

The bullet included a Lubalox coating, a proprietary oxide process. Though widely misreported to be Teflon, molybdenum disulfide, or wax, the ammo has an unusual black appearance compared to other copper-jacketed or lead bullets. The black appearance was due to the oxidized copper jacket.

What does Ballistic Tip ammo do?

In rifle shooting terms, ‘ballistic tips’ help bullets stay in the air longer by reducing the effects of wind and gravity.

What kind of ammo is Winchester silvertip?

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Rifle Ammunition.280 Rem 140 gr BST 3040 fps – 20/box For ammo with Nosler Ballistic Tips, opt for Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. This ammo is able to offer extremely long-range performance due to these ballistic tips.

What kind of ammo does a Winchester rifle use?

A Lubalox®, black oxide, bullet coating reduces barrel fouling for precise and repetitive accuracy over the long run. Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Rifle Ammo comes loaded in nickel-plated brass cases for corrosion resistance, and reliable feeding and extraction.

Why is black oxide used in Winchester ammo?

The boattail design enhances accuracy and an alloyed lead core provides increased weight retention for deeper penetration. A lubalox, black oxide coating is also used to reduce barrel fouling and engraving forces.