What if you have no references for a resume?

Offer references only when you’re asked for them. Don’t list references on an application. Instead, attach a resum with the statement, “References available upon request.”

Do employers have to provide a reference?

Does an employer have to provide a reference if you ask for one? Well, no, there is no general duty for an employer to provide an employee with a reference.

Will my reference say I was dismissed?

Your old employer doesn’t have to give you a reference – but if they do, it has to be truthful and fair. You might get a bad reference if you’ve been sacked for poor performance or misconduct. Many employers do this, so it won’t look odd to a new employer.

Can I see a reference written about me?

Can I see a copy of my reference? If you want to see your employment reference, you can ask your employer for a copy, but they are not obliged to provide it. Once you start working for a new employer you can ask them for a copy of any reference that they have been given from your previous employers.

Do I have to say I was fired?

According to John Crowley, who works in content and marketing at HR-software company People, an employer doesn’t need to know whether or not you were fired from your previous job, and there is no legal obligation to disclose this information.