What ID can I use to rent?

Documents needed to rent a property in London

  • Photo ID (such as a valid passport or driving licence);
  • Proof of address (such as utilities or tax bill);
  • An Electoral Register entry.

How do I get 100 points of ID Australia Vic?

Documents supplied must equal or exceed 100 points. Combination of Applicant’s identity documents must include Applicant’s full name, date of birth and a photo of the Applicant. At least one document from either Primary or Secondary.

Can I use a birth certificate to rent a house?

Acceptable documents that a tenant can use to demonstrate their identity and Right to Rent are dependent on their nationality. Options for British citizens are: combination of valid UK driving licence & original UK birth certificate.

What can be used as 100 points of ID?

Primary documents

  • Birth certificate.
  • Birth card issued by a registry of births, deaths and marriages.
  • Citizenship certificate.
  • Current passport.
  • Expired passport which has not been cancelled and was current within the preceding two years.

Is it hard to get a rental on Centrelink?

Securing a rental property while receiving government welfare payments can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Not only are affordable properties increasingly rare but many welfare payments don’t provide enough for recipients to live on.

How to get a 100 point ID South Australia?

100 point identification 1 passports cancelled or expired more than two years ago 2 birth certificate extracts 3 document with a post box address as current address 4 ID in two different names without proof of name change documentation 5 more than one bank card/statement per financial institution.

What are the guidelines for points of identification?

100 Points of Identification Guidelines 1. 100 Points of Identification Documents At least one identity document supplied must contain a colour photograph. 1.1 Primary Documents POINT VALUE ONE DOCUMENT MAY BE SUPPLIED FROM THE FOLLOWING ( NO ADDITIONAL POINTS FOR MULTIPLE DOCUMENTS)

What do you need for a 100 point ID?

Documentation required to meet the 100 point proof of identity (ID) and proof of age. Provide: at least one original ID document from Category A.

How many points do you need for Ballard Property?

100 POINT IDENTITY CHECK When making an application to lease a property with Ballard Property Pty Ltd, you must provide us with copies of identification so we can verify your identity. The point system we use is similar to those used in financial institutions. Application will NOT BE ACCEPTED until a minimum of 100 points have been provided.