What happens in the last episode of American Dad?

Hayley accidentally paralyzes Stan when she fires a gun she thought was loaded with blanks; and Roger convinces Steve he’s adopted. Roger is overjoyed to discover that Steve’s new book is all about him…until he finds out that it paints him in an unflattering light.

When did the TV show American Dad start?

This is the American Dad Wiki Episode Guide for the Fox animated television series American Dad!. The series premiered on February 6, 2005.

Who is Stan’s real father in American Dad?

Stan’s real father, a studly super-agent, reappears after a 20 year absence to recruit Stan for a top-secret mission, but Francine suspects that he’s a con man involved in a plot to steal precious Egyptian artwork.

How did the CIA find Roger on American Dad?

Roger finds himself in D.C and the CIA spot him and are going to find him and torture him to find out the family that have been hiding him. Stan tries to get there first and kill Roger to protect the Smith Family but Stan learns he has feelings for Roger.

Steve runs for school president to pick up girls (Stan rigs the election, CIA-style) and Hayley pays Roger in candy to write her school papers. .. More After a near-death scare involving a CIA bio-toxin, Francine decides to start a job as a realtor…making more money than Stan.

Who are the main characters in American Dad?

Watch full episodes online. Stan Smith is a CIA agent painfully dedicated to homeland security. His home life includes doting wife Francine, a ditzy housewife, liberal daughter Hayley and socially awkward teenaged son Steve.

Who is Steve falling in love with on American Dad?

Stan goes to great lengths to compete against his rival, Chuck White, and become the new deacon of their church. Meanwhile, Steve is falling in love with Chuck’s daughter, Betsy. .. More Hayley dumps Jeff and dates Bullock.