What happened to the kid who scored 138 points?

Jack Taylor (born October 12, 1990) is an American former college basketball player at Grinnell College. He holds the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) record for most points in a single game after scoring 138 in 2012….Jack Taylor (basketball)

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What is the record for most points scored in a college basketball game?

Kevin Bradshaw scored a record 72 points in a 1991 Division I basketball game between Alliant International and Loyola Marymount.

Who holds the record for most points in a college women’s basketball game?

Kelsey Plum
Kelsey Plum currently holds the single-season scoring record for NCAA Division I of 1,109 points, set during her senior season at Washington.

Who has the most points in NCAA Tournament history?

Christian Laettner
Christian Laettner is the player who has scored the most points in an NCAA tournament career, with 407.

Has anyone ever averaged 30 points in college?

The last time a men’s college basketball player averaged at least 30 points per game for an entire season, the only dribbling in Marcus Keene’s life was the drool down his two-year-old chin.

Who is the youngest player to score 10000 points in the NBA?

LeBron James
LeBron James becomes youngest player to score 10,000 points!

How many points did Jack Taylor of Grinnell score?

Grinnell’s Jack Taylor scored 138 points on Tuesday night and broke a NCAA record for most points in a game. He took 108 shots. Jack Taylor of Grinnell scores 138 points to break the NCAA record forpoints in a game.

What was the previous Grinnell High School basketball record?

The previous Grinnell record was 89 by Griffin Lentsch last Nov. 19 against Principia. Taylor said he entered the locker room at halftime under the assumption he’d racked up 30 points in the first half. But when head coach David Arseneault whipped out the first-half stat sheet, he realized he was mistaken.

Who is the NCAA all time leading scorer in college basketball?

Bevo Francis of Rio Grande held the NCAA scoring record with 113 points against Hillsdale in 1954. In 1953, Francis had 116 against Ashland Junior College. Frank Selvy is the only other player to reach triple figures, scoring 100 points for Division I Furman against Newberry in 1954.