What happened to Laura from General Hospital?

Following their return to Port Charles, Laura moved up her wedding to Scotty, which was officiated by her mother. After Luke left Port Charles forever, Laura forged her own life, ultimately becoming a board member at General Hospital.

Who played Laura on General Hospital?

Genie FrancisGeneral Hospital
Laura Spencer/Played by

Englewood, New Jersey, U.S. Eugenie Ann Francis (born May 26, 1962) is an American actress. She is best known for playing the role of Laura Spencer on the television soap opera General Hospital from 1977 to present, for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2007.

Who raped Laura Spencer?

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Laura and Luke (portrayed by Anthony Geary) were dubbed a “supercouple” in the soap world, but attention got wary in the years that followed due to the nature of their relationship: Luke had raped Laura, but the two fell in love and eventually married.

Is Laura coming back to GH?

Actress Genie Francis, who played Laura but hasn’t been on “General Hospital” since 2013, will return this summer to participate in the story of Luke’s exit, ABC said.

How old is Laura off General Hospital?

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Laura Collins
Age 59
Occupation Mayor of Port Charles Board member at GH Former Partner at Deception Health Spa Former Partner at Deception Cosmetics Former partner in the Haunted Star Adventurer Former Model Former Secretary for Edward Quartermaine at ELQ Former waitress at Campus Disco

Did Luke and Laura marry in real life?

“The relationship between Luke and Laura was always very real, very realistic, like a real relationship, but the circumstances were absurd,” said actress Genie Francis, who plays Laura. But it was Luke and Laura’s lavish wedding in 1981 that was a defining moment for the show.

Why did Luke and Laura divorce?

While Laura bonds with her children, Luke flies to the Dominican Republic and appears to divorce Tracy in order to give Laura the wedding they had been planning before her mental illness.

How did Luke and Laura get together?

In July 1979, Scotty and Laura marry. He begins law school while she begins working at the Campus Disco, which is managed by Luke. She becomes attracted to Luke as he flirts with her, but shows no outward interest in him.

Is Lucky Spencer dead?

Lucky is kidnapped and presumed dead in 1999, and returns brainwashed in 2000….

Lucky Spencer
Duration 1993–2011 2015
First appearance October 29, 1993
Last appearance July 14, 2015
Created by Anthony Geary and Irene Suver