What happened to Geek Chic after shark tank?

Deluxe gaming furniture maker Geek Chic, once featured on ‘Shark Tank,’ shuts down. Geek Chic, the Everett, Wash. It is with great sadness that I must announce Geek Chic has ceased operation. Despite heroic efforts by many, this outcome is out of our hands.

What happened to Chic geek?

Geek Chic, manufacturer of hand-crafted gaming furniture, has gone out of business. According to multiple customer accounts, the company stopped responding to email or telephone calls on or around June 12. The next day Geek Chic released a statement on its social media accounts saying it had “ceased operation.”

What is a chic geek?

/ˌɡiːk ˈʃiːk/ a fashionable style of dressing that uses clothes, glasses, etc. usually thought to be boring or not fashionable: Be careful that your geek chic doesn’t cross over into old-man dullness. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What do geeks wear?

Sport a typical nerd-like , short sleeve dress shirt, an obnoxiously bright or off-color tie, a pocket protector and glasses with black frames. Tech costumes: Computer-related Halloween costumes are hot, especially those involving high-tech wonders.

Are there any fashion videos on Geekly Chic?

Geekly Chic recently posted a bunch of new fashion videos. We also have a new system. You first click the “Fashion Videos” tab above. Then, you will see a list of different categories! You can choose anyone you like. We have categories stretching from Winter Fashion Videos all the way to Nail Art Design videos! Check them out now! -Geekly Chic

What can I do at home on Geekly Chic?

Recently, Geekly Chic has added a ton of fun DIYs on the DIY Video Page! The videos show you creative projects that you can do all by yourself at home for cheap prices! For example, the video below shows us how to make sweaters with cute logos in the front! New Fashion Videos? Geekly Chic recently posted a bunch of new fashion videos.

When is the back to school edition of Geekly Chic?

Geekly Chic is having a back to school edition. You may know this already from the Facebook post. But, Geekly Chic will be posting back to school tips, advice, videos, and more during the month of August! Can you guys wait?