What grease is safe for carbon?

Finish line ceramic grease: “It is safe. As is our Premium Teflon Grease” to use where it can contact carbon fiber parts.

What is carbon grease?

“Carbon grease” is not actually grease. It’s a friction compound which increases the friction between your fancy carbon seat post and your frame. Increasing the friction allows a lower torque on the fixing bolts for the individual part, which reduces the risk of crushing the part, or having it slip in the frame.

Is Lithium grease OK for carbon?

Grease won’t harm the carbon fibre. From Easton: No grease on carbon posts. Grease contains certain minerals that can attack clear coats, can penetrate the resin matrix and could cause swelling of the composite laminate.

Is PTFE grease safe for carbon?

Teflon will not harm carbon. Generally speaking common petroleum products will not harm carbon.

Can you use normal grease on carbon?

Do not use regular grease on any carbon seatposts or carbon seat tubes. Tip: There is a new carbon grease we can supply that includes small particles so it protects and grips, however, unless you have this special product, you shouldn’t use any grease.

Can grease damage carbon fiber?

You should definitely put some kind of lube on the post and inside the seat tube, and, no, it won’t damage the carbon. And don’t worry about getting chain lube or other oils or greases on your chainstay or any other part of the frame. It won’t damage it.

Can I use grease on carbon?

Do not use regular grease on any carbon seatposts or carbon seat tubes.

Is Phil Wood grease safe for carbon?

Overall, Phil Wood Waterproof Grease works extremely well. One application will last longer than usual, and it is carbon-friendly, too.

Can you use carbon paste as grease?

carbon assembly paste…it lubricates, but has ‘friction enhancers’ that keep carbon parts from slipping. so the post (hopefully) won’t get stuck, nor will it slip. i’d stay away from grease, just because the post may slip. if you don’t put anything in there and ignore it, it could get stuck.

Can I use anti seize as grease?

Anti-sieze is a corrosion preventer. It is not a lubricant. Generally, using it on threaded parts is acceptable, but using it on bearing races, bearings, pressfit installation points, seatposts, handlebar stems, etc… is not a good idea.

What kind of grease to use on carbon bike?

Lubricate the outside surface of both cups where the cup and frame touch. If you are uncertain what grease to use, please contact your frame manufacturer. Do not use carbon assembly paste, compound or gripper paste for bottom bracket installs. Usage with a press-fit bottom bracket cup can damage your carbon frame.

What kind of grease does a seat post need?

Hence, carbon “grease” compounds. You can get carbon seat post specific grease, it’s designed to reduce the clamping pressure that is needed to hold the seat post in place and prevent it either sticking or slipping. Pace make some (Pace RC005 Carbon Fibre Seatpost Grease) and I’m sure some other people do as well.

Is it OK to grease a carbon frame?

If you’re just taking the bearing out of the headset cup and adding a bit of grease then it’s metal on metal, so normal grease is fine. It’ll be a sealed bearing though so you may or may not be able to do anything to service it – it may just need replacing if it’s rough.

What kind of grease to use on BB92?

First carbon build, S/hand Jeffsy, BB92 pressfit. Long story short… used grease. Carbon friendly Park Tool polylube from CRC. Park stuff looks alright, I’ll get some of that I think cheers.