What GPA do you need to get into Boston University medical school?

Boston University School of Medicine does not have a minimum requirement for either GPA or MCAT score. All applicants will receive a supplemental application from the Office of Admissions once AMCAS notifies us of your interest.

What is the average MCAT score for Boston University medical school?

Boston University Medical School Admissions Statistics: Boston University Medical School Average MCAT: 517 (129 chemical & physical / 129 critical analysis / 130 biological & biochemical / 130 psychological, social)

Is Boston University a top tier school?

I never really looked into it and just assumed that Tier 1 was a school ranked in the top 50 of US News College Rankings for National Universities…. Tier 1 Universities….Is Boston University a Tier 1 school?

Name Boston University
State MA
US News Best College National University Ranking 37
Top American Research University 51

Is the Boston Medical School Admission Test official?

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What makes Boston University a good medical school?

“Boston University School of Medicine is dedicated to the educational, intellectual, professional, and personal development of a diverse group of exceptional students, trainees, and faculty who are deeply committed to the study and to the practice of medicine, to biomedical research, and to the health of the public.

When to take the MCAT at Boston University?

The Admissions Committee will be flexible in evaluating the timing of MCAT tests, the number of P/F grades in Spring 2020, the abrupt discontinuation of some activities in Spring 2020 and other elements impacted by the current pandemic.

How to contact Boston University School of Medicine?

Boston University School of Medicine affiliated MD and MD PhD faculty and/or clinicians. What Else: Remote sessions with Dr. Goodell and students. Submit Final Official transcript from all degree granting universities, as soon as they become available. Transcripts must be sent directly from the college or university to BUSM at [email protected].