What features does the ARM Cortex M3 core possess?

The Cortex-M3 processor is a 32-bit processor, with a 32-bit wide data path, register bank and memory interface. There are 13 general-purpose registers, two stack pointers, a link register, a program counter and a number of special registers including a program status register.

Is ARM Cortex M3 Little Endian?

Another feature of the memory system in the Cortex-M3 is the bit-band support. This provides atomic operations to bit data in memory or peripherals. In most cases, Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers are little endian. In the Cortex-M3, the endian mode is set when the processor exits reset.

Is RISC v Little endian?

RISC-V is little-endian to resemble other familiar, successful computers, for example, x86. This also reduces a CPU’s complexity and costs slightly because it reads all sizes of words in the same order. For example, the RISC-V instruction set decodes starting at the lowest-addressed byte of the instruction.

How many ports are there in ARM Cortex-M3?

There are currently four FreeRTOS ports for Luminary Micro Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers – one that uses the Sourcery G++ (GCC) tools, one that uses the ARM Keil tools, one for Rowley CrossWorks, and the port presented on this page which uses the IAR Embedded Workbench tool chain.

What can I do with an ARM Cortex M3 processor?

The ARM Cortex-M3 processor is very well suited for highly deterministic real-time applications, even for low-cost platforms, such as automotive body systems, industrial control systems, wireless networking and sensors, and many more.

What kind of bus interface does Cortex-M3 have?

Specifications Architecture Armv7-M Bus Interface 3x AMBA AHB-Lite interface (Harvard bus ISA Support Thumb/Thumb-2 subset Pipeline Three-stage Memory Protection Optional 8 region MPU with sub regions a

Which is the best 32 bit ARM processor?

The Arm Cortex-M3 processor is the industry-leading 32-bit processor for highly deterministic real-time applications, specifically developed to enable partners to develop high-performance low-cost platforms for a broad range of devices.

What are the ground rules for Cortex-M3?

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