What factories are in Tampa?

Tampa’s leading manufacturing companies: Advanced Airfoil Components, Aerosimulation, Beneficial Blends, Bertram Yachts, Chromalloy, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, James Hardie, Masonite, Mosaic, Primo Water Corp., Tampa Tank and Florida Structural Steel.

What lives in Tampa Bay?

More than two dozen species of nesting herons, egrets, ibis, gulls, terns and shorebirds have been documented. The Tampa Bay estuary has the largest royal and sandwich tern nesting colonies, the most nesting American oystercatchers, and the largest brown pelican rookeries in Florida.

How energy flows through an ecosystem in Tampa Bay?

Sunlight is energy, and plants use this energy to turn water and carbon dioxide into plant food. The bay’s food web begins with sunlight, which penetrates through the water column. The sun’s energy is then absorbed by tiny one-celled organisms called phytoplankton.

What animals are in Tampa?

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  • Tampa Raccoons: This masked animal is fairly common in Tampa, FL.
  • Tampa Squirrels: Squirrels are often a pest in Tampa.
  • Tampa Opossum:
  • Tampa Snakes:
  • Tampa Rat Control:
  • Tampa Bats:

Who is the largest employer in Tampa?

Ranked by Total Local Employment

Rank Business name Total Local Employment
1 BayCare Health System 2985 Drew St. Clearwater, FL 33759 877-692-2922 baycare.org 28,357
2 Publix Super Markets Inc. 3300 Publix Corp. Pkwy. Lakeland, FL 33811 863-688-1188 publix.com 26,000 4

What industries are big in Tampa?

Today, Tampa’s economy is driven by tourism, health care, finance, insurance, technology, construction, and the maritime industry. The bay’s port is the largest in the state, responsible for over $15 billion in economic impact.

How does energy flow in a food chain?

Primary producers use energy from the sun to produce their own food in the form of glucose, and then primary producers are eaten by primary consumers who are in turn eaten by secondary consumers, and so on, so that energy flows from one trophic level, or level of the food chain, to the next.

Are there alligators in Tampa Bay?

While alligators can be found throughout the Southeastern U.S., the crocodile footprint in the U.S. is generally limited to South Florida, though they have occasionally been spotted as far north as the Tampa Bay area. That makes Florida the only ecosystem in the world where alligators and crocodiles peacefully coexist.