What ethnicity is the last name Avila?

Ávila or Avila (variants include de Ávila, de Avila, D’Ávila or D’Avila, Dávila, Davila or Abila) is a Spanish or Galician surname, originally de Ávila (who comes from the city of Ávila).

Where did the last name Avila originate from?

Spanish (Ávila): habitational name from Ávila in old Castile. Its name, first recorded in the Latin forms Avela and Abulia, is of unknown derivation and meaning. Portuguese and Galician: from Davila, a topographic name for someone from a town or village, da vila, reinterpreted as d’Avila.

Is Avila a French name?

Avila Origin and Meaning The name Avila is a girl’s name of German origin meaning “desired; or island, water”. An unusual and appealing name that is the origin of Evelyn, via the Norman French name Aveline. The name Avila and may also be connected to the Spanish town Avila, birthplace of St. Teresa.

Is Avila Portuguese?

The Avila surname is a Portuguese and Galician name from Davila, meaning “from a town or village.”

What Avila name meaning?

a-vi-la. Origin:German. Popularity:5047. Meaning:bird.

How do you pronounce the last name Avila?

When Detroit Tigers fans are talking about catcher Alex Avila, they pronounce his last name “a-VEE-la.” And that’s correct, according to the pronunciation guide at baseball-reference.com. But when they’re referring to his father, new Tigers general manager Al Avila, it’s pronounced “AH-vee-lah.”

What does Davila mean in Spanish?

Spanish (D’Ávila): habitational name for someone from Ávila (see Avila). Galician and Portuguese (da Vila): topographic name for someone ‘from the village (vila)’. Similar surnames: Avila, Vila, Favela, Davia, Avina, Abila, Davino, Da Villa, Savela.

What is the meaning of Aviela?

my father is God
a-vie-la. Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:14821. Meaning:my father is God.

What famous person is from Avila Spain?

Saint Teresa Made Ávila Famous But Its Great Wall Kept It Safe. I cover the world’s best hotels, restaurants and wine. The winding walls and towers of were begun in the 11th century and finished nearly 300 years later.

What does Avela mean?

Avela is a name that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual.

What does Aveline mean?

Aveline is a surname of Norman French origin, derived from a given name, a diminutive of Ava. In modern French, aveline means hazelnut. This is derived from the name of the Italian city of Avella, via the botanical name of the common hazel, Corylus avellana.