What episode does Zoe Kiss Chase?

Zoey and Chase Kiss 💋 | Scene | Zoey 101.

Does Zoe ever date Chase?

They secretly date until the hour-long series finale, “Chasing Zoey”, where in they publicly admit their love at the PCA Prom.

Who Zoey 101 boyfriend?

James Garrett

Zoey Brooks
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Mr. Brooks (father) Mrs. Brooks (mother) Dustin Brooks (brother)
Significant other Chase Matthews (boyfriend, series finale) James Garrett (boyfriend, season 4)

What episode does Chase get a girlfriend in Zoey 101?

Chase’s Girlfriend is the second episode in Season 3 and the 28th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. The epiosde aired on October 1, 2006.

Why did Nicole leave Zoey 101?

Nicole was written out of the show after Season 2 following the departure of her actor Alexa Nikolas. Although for years it was reported that Nikolas was fired, Nikolas claimed in a 2019 interview she had actually quit, and alleged abuse and bullying by the cast and the creative team.

What happened on the last episode of Zoey 101?

May 2, 2008
Zoey 101/Final episode date

Why was Zoey 101 Cancelled?

However, the show was not cancelled due to her pregnancy. It was not until October 2007—two months after the final season wrapped production—that the Zoey 101 staff learned about her pregnancy….

Zoey 101
Created by Dan Schneider

Who got Zoey 101 pregnant?

Casey Aldridge
But she’s back to not only set the record straight, but also to shower fans of the Nickelodeon show with gifts (more on that later). In a new interview with Nylon, Spears opened up about getting pregnant at 16 with her high school sweetheart Casey Aldridge.

Who was not invited to Zoey 101 reunion?

Austin Butler, who starred as James, also wasn’t on hand for the reunion, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t show up later on. Alexa Nikolas, who played Nicole during the first two seasons, was not at the reunion and she revealed that she wasn’t invited, likely to her previous drama with Jamie.

Why is Zoey 101 not on anymore?

The real reason Zoey 101 ended was because the show had run its course and it was time for the cast to move onto other projects. In an interview with Nylon, Jamie Lynn explained that while most thought Zoey 101 was cancelled because she got pregnant, the show actually wrapped months before that.

Is PCA from Zoey 101 a real school?

17. PCA is not a real school, but actually a television set. The cast and television crew arrived on Pepperdine’s campus during the second week of May to begin filming a new show for Nickelodeon called “Zoey 101,” said Sally McIlwain, who oversees filming and reservations in the Special Programs office.

Was Zoey 101 pregnant on the show?

In an interview with Nylon, Jamie Lynn explained that while most thought Zoey 101 was cancelled because she got pregnant, the show actually wrapped months before that. I didn’t become pregnant until probably six months after we wrapped or something like that, but some of the episodes had not aired yet,” she explained.

What’s the relationship between Zoey and Chase from Zoey 101?

From the very first episode of Zoey 101, Chase has had a huge crush on Zoey, that never went away throughout the course of the series, no matter if he had a new girlfriend or not. Zoey’s feelings for Chase are a little more complicated. She always thought of him as a friend, until the last season, where she finally figures out she loved him back.

Why did Rebecca and Chase break up Season 3?

Rebecca Martin is Chase ‘s girlfriend at the start of Season 3. She seems nice and sweet at first, but they broke up because Rebecca hated Zoey and was trying to tell Chase to stop being friends with her. In a later episode, as revenge, she threatened to tell all of PCA an embarrassing secret about Zoey if she did not do whatever she said.

How does chase feel about Zoey and Dustin?

In Defending Dustin, Chase notices that Zoey is being overprotective of Dustin and reasons with her and tries to convince her to let up a bit over Dustin. Chase often develops slight insecurities whenever Zoey becomes romantically involved with another person.

Why did Zoey not want to be with James?

Zoey is overjoyed that they are finally together again. After Chase fallls down some stairs, he and Zoey wind up kissing for the first time. Zoey realizes the reason she couldn’t love James is because she wanted to be with Chase.