What does the suffix vex mean?

From Middle English vexen, from Old French vexer, from Latin vēxāre (“disturb, agitate, annoy”).

What does the prefix vex mean?

vex (v.) early 15c., from Old French vexer “vex, harass” (14c.), from Latin vexare “to shake, jolt, toss violently;” figuratively “attack, harass, trouble, annoy,” from vexus, collateral form of vectus, past participle of vehere “to draw, carry” (from PIE root *wegh- “to go, move, transport in a vehicle”).

What is the prefix of vexed?

Explanation: When someone is “vexed,” he or she is annoyed. This is the opposite of being calm. Therefore, we are looking for a word that is an antonym for “after.” he prefix “ante-” comes from Latin and means before.

Is vex a real word?

Vex can be used as an adjective: for example, a vexing issue is not easily solved. The verb vex, the corresponding adjective vexatious, and the noun vexation are all slightly old-fashioned though still in current use. Vex descends through Middle English from Latin vexare, “to shake, attack, trouble.”

How do you use the word vex?

Vex sentence example

  1. But this destruction seems to have been done on purpose to vex us.
  2. It seems that the children’s antics will continue to vex the nanny.
  3. Don’t vex your mother; she’s in a foul mood.

Is vex a word?

Yes, vex is in the scrabble dictionary.

Why did Judy Punch leave vexed?

Season 2 does not work for one simple reason….. Lucy Punch is missing….. For some reason the Producers failed to include her in The Second Season. Her replacement is a very pretty woman, Miranda Raison, but for comedy, she’s no Lucy Punch.

Is vex a word on scrabble?

What words end in vex?

6-letter words that end in vex

  • convex.
  • silvex.
  • survex.
  • tauvex.
  • prevex.

Does vex mean confuse?

vex Add to list Share. If something vexes you, it brings you trouble or difficulty. In other words, it annoys, worries, distresses, irritates, bothers, or puzzles you. Vex can be used as an adjective: for example, a vexing issue is not easily solved.

Are there any 8 letter words that end in VEX?

8-letter words that end in vex. biconvex. cinnovex. tetravex. tacdevex. airmovex. busilvex.

Where does the term VEX prefix come from?

The VEX prefix (from “vector extensions”) and VEX coding scheme are comprising an extension to the x86 and x86-64 instruction set architecture for microprocessors from Intel, AMD and others.

What is the meaning of the word vexed?

verb (used with object) to irritate; annoy; provoke: His noisy neighbors often vexed him. to torment; trouble; distress; plague; worry: Lack of money vexes many.

Is the VEX prefix the same as the legacy code?

The VEX prefix replaces the most commonly used instruction prefix bytes and escape codes. In many cases, the number of prefix bytes and escape bytes that are replaced is the same as the number of bytes in the VEX prefix, so that the total length of the VEX-encoded instruction is the same as the length of the legacy instruction code.