What does Schon say about reflection?

Reflection according to Donald Schon is the ability of professionals to ‘think what they are doing while they are doing it’. He states that managing the indeterminate zones of professional practice requires the ability to think on the run and use previous experience to new conditions.

How do effective teachers engage in reflective thinking in the classroom?

The role of reflective teaching in teacher education Teacher educators can most effectively coach student teachers in reflective practice by using students’ personal histories, dialogue journals, and small and large-group discussions about their experiences to help students reflect upon and improve their practices.

Why teachers should reflect on their practice?

Reflective practice encourages teachers to understand their learners and their abilities and needs. Reflection helps teachers to put themselves in their students’ shoes, which is something many skilled teachers do.

What is Donald Schon’s theory of reflective practice?

Reflection is a fundamental part of learning and teaching. It generally aims to enhance your professional knowledge and actions. However, in today’s blog, we are going to study Donald Schon’s theory of reflective practice. Donald Schon has made an impactful contribution to our understanding of practices and theories of learning.

What should a teacher do in self reflection?

Both self-reflection and engaging with student feedback may reveal aspects of teaching practice that need adjustment. While good teachers will engage with the first two lenses, excellent teachers may also look to peers for mentoring, advice and feedback.

What are the advantages of reflective practice in education?

Reflective practice 1 The advantages of reflective practice. Reflective practice provides a means for teachers to improve their practice to effectively meet the learning needs of their students. 2 Reflective practice attitudes and attributes. 3 Essential modes of, and lenses for, reflection.

What are two types of reflective practice models?

Schön (1991) identified two types that are particularly relevant in the development of teaching practice: In both instances, you will build on previous learning, linking it to current and future practice. In other words, you will take a step back from your teaching, evaluate it, and extract meaning from it in order to make positive change.