What does Recoome mean in Japanese?

All members of the Ginyu Force are named after dairy products in the Japanese dub. Recoome, (Rikūmu) – Formed by rearranging the letters in the Japanese word kurīmu, meaning “cream”.

What is Goku’s Japanese name?

Sun Wukong
He is based on Sun Wukong (known as Son Goku in Japan and Monkey King in the West), a main character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West (16th century), combined with influences from the Hong Kong martial arts films of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

Is Jeice a boy or a girl?

Jeice (ジース, Jīsu) is a member of the Ginyu Force, acting as Ginyu’s second in command and fighting partner of Burter. Being a red-skinned alien humanoid in appearance, Captain Ginyu best describes him as an extremely flamboyant and showy white-haired mutant.

What did Recoome do to Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

Recoome pisses off Goku In the uncut version of the series, Recoome not only mocks Goku’s power level, but also flips him off in response. As Recoome begins to warm up for his most powerful attack in theatric fashion, the Recoome Ultra Fighting Bomber, Goku deals him a single blow by elbowing him in his stomach.

What happens to Recoome After Goku defeats Vegeta?

After Goku easily defeated Burter, causing Jeice to run away, Vegeta killed Burter and then killed Recoome with an energy wave. It appeared to completely destroy his body, however his corpse was later seen by Gohan, fully intact, as he took Piccolo back toward the ship during Goku’s fight with Frieza.

What did Recoome do to Gohan on Namek?

As Gohan moved in for a final attack, Recoome jumped over him and kicked him, breaking his neck. Recoome mocking Gohan as he attempts to get up. Just when he had Vegeta, Gohan, and Kuririn at his mercy, Son Goku arrived on Namek, spinning Recoome around when he arrived at the battlefield.

Who was the last villain to defeat Goku?

When Frieza sent the Ginyu Force after Goku, Goku defeated Reacoom last, elbowing him in the back of the neck, causing him to fall into the Bloody Pond. Later, Pikkon threw him, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, and Cell onto the spike, impaling them, and all seven villains were locked up in a cell.