What does OHSU look for in applicants?

The OHSU PA Program admissions committee is looking for well-rounded candidates who bring a strong academic background (overall GPA, BCP GPA, positive trends in academics, most recent 45-60 credit hours GPA) and good health care experience.

How long is the OHSU PA program?

The OHSU PA Program is a 26-month, full-time course of study leading to a Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) degree. A class of 42 students is accepted each year with classes starting in June. The didactic phase of the Program is 12 months; the clinical phase encompasses the final 14 months.

Does OHSU have a PA program?

Background image: The OHSU Physician Assistant Program, located in Portland, Oregon, is a 26-month full-time master’s level program, ranked among the top 10 programs in the nation.

What is the acceptance rate for OHSU?

What is the overall acceptance rate at OHSU? The overall acceptance rate is 2.28%.

What MCAT score do you need for OHSU?

OHSU Medical School is the best medical school in Oregon. The acceptance rate for Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine is 2.3%. The minimum required MCAT score is 497, the average MCAT score of OHSU School of Medicine is 509, and the average GPA is 3.65.

Is OHSU a good PA school?

The OHSU PA Program ranks 10th among graduate level physician assistant programs in the nation in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings.

How much is OHSU PA?

Residents and non-residents pay the same tuition rate.

Expense Type Description Total Program Cost (9 qtrs)
Tuition/Program fees All PA Students (resident & nonresident) $91,854
University fees All OHSU Students $5,391
Books/Supplies $3,355
Internet access Estimated at $40/month for 26 months $1040

What do you need for PA school?

Most programs will require at least:

  • One year of chemistry with labs*
  • One course each of human anatomy and physiology with labs.
  • One course in microbiology with lab.
  • One course in statistics.
  • One course in psychology.

What is the tuition for OHSU?