What does Geureom mean in Korean?

This word I am referring to is 그럼 (geureom). This is what I learned from my them, other than the meaning I know this word is apparently used frequently at the end of Korean conversation. It means to end discussion and would suggest that the speaker is about to leave or bid goodbye.

What does Geu Rae mean?

그래 (geurae) can also mean “sure”, “really”, “but”, or “so” among a few other things when used on it’s own as an interjection.

What does Kuronika mean?

In many case korean people use the word like “so~~” Oh okay thank you! Oh okay thank you! See a translation.

What is the meaning of Kunde?

noun. one who purchases or receives a product or service.

What is Weh in Korean?

Wae is why, and Weh is ‘really’, in the most insulting way.

What is Terere English?

Terere – Amaranthus Amaranthus, collectively called Amaranth, consists of several species of plants used for their leafy vegetable and also grain.

What is chickpea in Swahili?

Chickpea in Swahili: WhatIsCalled.com. Learn Swahili.

What’s the meaning of the Korean word Geurae?

그래 (geurae) is used as an agreement (yeah, okay, right) like you said. It can also be a question with means (really? is that so?) 그럼 (geureom) is used as (if it’s that way). As someone said in another comment, it is just the abbreviated form of 그러면 (geureomyeon)

Why are Korean feminine names ending with the character 子?

Korean feminine names ending with the character 子 (a fashionable name suffix in Japan, read as -ko in Japanese) became less popular after Japanese rule of Korea ended in 1945. From Sino-Korean 京 ( gyeong) meaning “capital city” and 淑 ( suk) meaning “good, pure, virtuous, charming”. Other hanja character combinations are possible.

Where does the last name Gyeong ja come from?

Other hanja character combinations are possible. GYEONG-JA 경자, 慶子, 敬子 f Korean From Sino-Korean 慶 (gyeong) meaning “congratulate, celebrate” or 敬 (gyeong) meaning “respect, honour” combined with 子 (ja) meaning “child”. This name can be formed of other hanja character combinations as well.

What is the meaning of the Korean word 그런?

그런 is very similar to 그렇게 but it’s an adjective. 그런 means ‘status, shape, character, property or such things is same to THAT’. It’s almost same to ‘like that’, ‘such as’ or ‘that kind of’. However, since it’s an adjective, it can be used only before a noun. For example. 그런 모양 (that kind of shape), 그런 방법 (that kind of method).