What does condition code 26 mean?

VA has not authorized, the facility shall use Condition Code 26 to indicate the patient is a VA eligible. patient and chooses to receive services in a Medicare Certified provider instead of a VA facility and value.

What are the Medicare condition codes?

Condition codes

Condition Code Description
D4 Changes in diagnosis and / or procedure code
D5 Cancel to correct Medicare Beneficiary ID number or provider ID
D6 Cancel only to repay a duplicate or OIG overpayment
D7 Change to make Medicare the secondary payer

What is condition code 21 used for?

Condition code 21 indicates services are noncovered, but you are requesting a denial notice in order to bill another insurance or payer source. These claims are sometimes called “no-pay bills” because they are submitted with only noncovered charges on them.

What is the condition code?

condition codes. pl n. (Computer Science) a set of single bits that indicate specific conditions within a computer. The values of the condition codes are often determined by the outcome of a prior software operation and their principal use is to govern choices between alternative instruction sequences.

What is a condition code in medical billing?

Condition code G0 – Billing Guideliens Condition code G0 Distinct Medical Visit Report this code when multiple medical visits occurred on the same day in the same revenue center. The visits were distinct and constituted independent visits.

What is a federal condition code?

A “Federal Condition Code” is a two character combination of the “Supply” Condition Codeand the “Disposal” Condition Code for Disposing of surplus military supplies. The Supply condition code is assigned by the activity turning the property in to the

What are condition codes ub04?

UB04/CMS1450 Condition Codes – Group 7 70 Code indicates the billing is for a home dialysis patient who self administers an anemia management drug such as erythropoetin alpha (EPO) or darbe 71 The billing is for a patient who received staff-assisted dialysis services in a hospital or renal dialysis facility.