What does a coxswain do in the Coast Guard?

In the United States Coast Guard and United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the coxswain is the person in charge of a small boat. The coxswain has the authority to direct all boat and crew activities during the mission and modify planned missions to provide for the safety of the boat and the crew.

Who can relieve the coxswain?

Who can relieve a coxswain? Senior officer on scene, under Article 5-1-4, whether or not other units are involved.

How do you become a coxswain in the Coast Guard?

To be awarded the Coxswain Insignia permanently a member has to have 5 years of certification with at least 2 years on a Standard Boat and retain certification by retaking and passing the appropriate tests. The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary also issues its own version of the insignia.

What is a Coast Guard Surfman?

The Surfman Badge is a military badge of the United States Coast Guard, issued to enlisted or officer personnel who qualify as Coxswains authorized to operate surf boats in heavy surf. Surf boats are boats that are designed to operate under extreme weather and sea conditions.

How many Coast Guard Surfman are there?

Three generations of surfmen Of the Coast Guard’s approximate 4,800 boatswain’s mates, only about 200 are currently surfmen. There have only ever been roughly 500 surfmen in the service’s history. The path to qualification is wrought with discomfort, danger and dedication beyond the scope of normal human tolerance.

What is a heavy weather coxswain?

A heavy weather coxswain is cleared to operate in 20-foot seas and 40-knot winds. The surfman rating allows a coxswain to operate in 30-foot seas, 20-foot surf and 50-knot winds.

How heavy is too heavy for a coxswain?

The World Rowing Federation minimum weight for coxswains is 55 kilograms (121.25 pounds) in racing uniform. If a cox is underweight they are required to make up the weight with a deadweight up to a maximum of 15 kg, and the deadweight must be carried as close as possible to the cox.

Are coxswains small?

Although they may be small in stature, the coxswain’s impact can certainly be felt on the boat. The coaches and the cox are in charge of developing a “race plan” for each race. This is what the ideal race will look like for the boat if everything goes smoothly.