What do you wear to the RSL?

Smart, neat casual attire at the discretion of the Duty Manager, will be required in all inner areas of Redcliffe RSL premises. Quality style shirts without collars are acceptable. the Redcliffe RSL dress regulations are required to vacate the Club, rubber thongs and work wear are not acceptable evening attire”.

Can you wear ripped jeans to the RSL?

The following are not permitted at any time: Torn or dirty clothing. Work Clothing (Including Hi-Viz and Overalls)

Can you wear a beanie to a club?

The upscale, trendy nightspots usually have standing prohibitions against hats, and spending your time salvaging hat hair after the bouncer has told you to remove your headwear isn’t much of a fun way to spend a night. As for beanies – just don’t do it. Wearing a beanie to a club will make you look like you smell bad.

Can you wear shorts to RSL?

(Ladies are permitted to wear dress hats. Dress hats do not include baseball caps or beanies. Note: Boiler suits, overalls, football shorts, stubbies or similar are permitted only in sports area on lower ground floor.

Can I wear thongs at RSL?

The following clothing items are not permitted to be worn within the club at any time: Bike Shorts or Swim wear. Scuffs or thongs after 6pm. Torn or untidy tracksuits.

What does RSL club stand for?

Returned and Services League of Australia
The Returned and Services League of Australia (New South Wales Branch) (RSL NSW) is a member-based veterans’ charity founded in 1916, and the largest veterans’ charity in Australia.

What are the dress regulations at the RSL club?

All members, guests, and children are required to be neat, clean and appropriately attired at all times. Any decision as to the cleanliness of dress and its conformity to Campbelltown RSL Club’s Dress Regulations rests with management. GENERAL DRESS REGULATIONS

When does the courtesy bus run in Campbelltown?

We are pleased to offer Members and their guests the use of the free courtesy bus facility. The bus operates within 5km of the club every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Is there a Catholic Club in Campbelltown NSW?

With five restaurants, a music venue, a hotel, an on-site brewery, a gym, golf club and a number of function rooms, Campbelltown Catholic Club provides a caring, fun atmosphere for people of all ages and interests. Let’s Celebrate! CLUB CLOSED as per NSW Health Directive.

When do nominations close for Campbelltown RSL Board of directors?

Nominations for the Board of Directors close on Monday 9 th August 2021 at 5.00pm The compulsory Pre-Nomination information sessions (for those who are not current or previous board members of the Club) have been postponed. However, candidates may contact the Club to seek information for the re scheduling of the sessions.