What do you get for hosting an Arbonne party?

As a thank you, we offer our Hosts generous rewards, including free Arbonne® products, as well as incredible discounts on qualifying Presentations. You can use your rewards to try new Arbonne® products or get your favorites — the choice is yours.

How much do Pampered Chef hosts make?

You’ll earn 20% commission on your sales right away. The more your business grows, the more commission you can make. Consultants can earn up to 27% commission. If you decide to build a team, you can earn up to 33% commission.

Can a Pampered Chef consultant host a party?

6. It doesn’t require you to host a party in-person. Pampered Chef has updated their structure to be adaptable with today’s technology. You can host a virtual party with your business as a way to earn a commission too.

Why should I host a Pampered Chef party?

Pampered Chef parties give hosts and guests a chance to make a recipe and cook together. It’s a way for cooking novices and veteran home cooks to swap recipe ideas, food prep techniques, and time-saving tips in real time. Or you and your friends are passionate about cooking healthier and from scratch.

What does it cost to be an Arbonne consultant?

It costs $49 to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant, plus the cost of whatever products you want to start out with. The $49 covers the cost of your personal website plus welcome kit.

How much does Pampered Chef give for fundraisers?

When party for the causes you care about, we’ll donate up to 15% of fundraiser sales to the partner, charity, or organization of your choice, plus $3 for every party booked from your fundraiser.

What is the average sales at a Pampered Chef party?

After just $200 in guest sales (the average party is $650), you start earning rewards. Those include credits towards pampered chef products, you get to choose from exclusive host sets at 50% off, a one-time discount of at least 20% off, and 10% off for an entire year after your party!

What do you do at an Arbonne party?

An Arbonne Party can have your guests gossiping in full face masks while ankle-deep in foot baths learning about make-up techniques, or simply offer a backdrop as an excuse to get some friends together. Check out my blog posts under the category party types for ideas or come up with one of your own.

What are the benefits of being a preferred client of Arbonne?

BECOME A PREFERRED CLIENT BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAM By joining Arbonne as Preferred Client, your startup fee of $29 gives you access to exclusive deals and special offers on clean products that support a healthier mind, strong body and beautiful skin — and overall healthy living.

When do you get 40% off at Pampered Chef?

All hosts can get 40% off any one item or set at any party booked from theirs within six months when guest sales are $200 or more, not including their discounted item.

How can I get free products from Arbonne?

Get 20–40% off regular product prices, as well as exclusive set and bundle offers. Opt into autoship to replenish your favorite products on your schedule. Earn free gifts with qualifying orders each month.