What do I do if my laptop is stuck on the welcome screen?

How can I fix Windows 10 getting stuck on the Welcome screen?

  1. Use a debugging software.
  2. Disconnect from the Internet.
  3. 3 .
  4. Disconnect your USB devices.
  5. Disable Credential Manager.
  6. Disable Fast Startup feature.
  7. Remove your laptop battery.
  8. Remove SmartPass.

What do I do if my computer is stuck on the lock screen?

The Quick and the easiest way to fix Windows 10 Stuck on lock Screen is by force-shutdown your PC or laptop by long-pressing the power button (almost 7 Sec) until it goes off. Again turn it on and it will work fine and you can easily log in to your system.

How do you fix a frozen computer?

Restart your computer Typically, the most effective way to fix a frozen computer is to restart it. Doing so gives your system a chance to reset and start fresh. The best way to restart a frozen computer is to hold the power button down for five to 10 seconds.

Why is my computer lock screen frozen?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Windows Task Manager. If the Task Manager can open, highlight the program that is not responding and choose End Task, which should unfreeze the computer. It could still take ten to twenty seconds for the unresponsive program to be terminated after you choose End Task.

How do you unfreeze a Windows 7 computer?

Press and hold the Power button on the computer until the computer shuts down (about 5 seconds). Turn on the computer, and then press the F8 key repeatedly. From the Windows Advanced Options Menu, select Safe Mode, and then press Enter.

How do I fix a stuck Windows on startup?

Method 6. Check System RAM

  1. Try to change or reinstall the computer and restart the system in safe mode: press F8/Shift on startup.
  2. Select Safe Mode and hit Enter.
  3. Press Win + R or run MSCONFIG and click OK.
  4. Select a clean boot option in Under Selective startup.
  5. Press Apply and restart Windows in normal mode.

Where do I find disk check in Windows 7?

You can use Disk Check in Windows 7 not only for local hard drives, but also for removable media such as USB memory sticks or memory cards. Note Please make sure that you close all open programs and files before you start the disk check. 1. Right-click the Start Windows icon. 2. In the shortcut menu, click Open Windows Explorer. 3.

How to check hard disk for errors in Windows 7?

Resolution 1 Right-click the Start Windows icon. 2 In the shortcut menu, click Open Windows Explorer. 3 In the navigation pane, click Computer so that your drives appear in the right pane. 4 Right-click the drive that you want to check. 5 Click Properties. 6 Click the Tools tab. 7 Click the Check now button.

What to do when your welcome screen is stuck?

In the Command Prompt window, type the following commands and press Enter after each to stop Windows Update service and then restart it: Step 3. Type exit and press Enter to close Command Prompt. Reboot your PC/laptop and check if the stuck on Welcome screen has gone.