What did Uzair Baloch do?

He was a key figurehead of Karachi underworld and notorious gang war in his hometown, Lyari, at his peak around 2012. Baloch is accused in various cases involving murder, extortion, drug trafficking, terrorism, and after being arrested many times, became a fugitive wanted by law enforcement agencies.

What happened layari?

Lyari had long been a stronghold of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP). He soon fell out with the PPP, by 2009 he was a wanted man and was killed in a police encounter in August 2009. The Peoples’ Aman Committee was then taken over by his first cousin and partner in crime Uzair Jan Baloch.

Who is Abid Shaka?

One of the most famous personalities in Lyari is Abid Shaka who is known because of his blunt social media videos in which he can be seen speaking bluntly against Pakistani government, Narendra Modi and even Israel but despite his fame no wikipedia profile is available.

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Ezra is a biblical name meaning “help” or “helper” in Hebrew. The Ezra of the Bible was a Jewish priest who helped reintroduce the Torah to the Jewish people who escaped captivity in Babylon. Gender: Ezra is traditionally a masculine name. Ezri has been used as a feminine variant.

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Is Baloch Iranian?

The Baloch are the majority ethnic inhabitants of the region of Balochistan in Iran. They speak the Rakhshani and Sarawani dialects of Balochi, an Iranian language. They mainly inhabit mountainous terrains, which have allowed them to maintain a distinct cultural identity and resist domination by neighbouring rulers.

Who is Uzair Baloch and what does he do?

Uzair Baloch. Uzair Jan Baloch ( Urdu / Balochi: عزیر جان بلوچ ‎) is a crime lord originally from Lyari in Karachi, Pakistan He is a key figurehead of Karachi ‘s underworld and is long associated with the notorious gang war in his hometown, Lyari. He is also the former chief of the Peoples Aman Committee,…

Who was kidnapped by Uzair Baloch in 2013?

In 2013, Arshad Pappu and his brother Yasir Arafat were eventually kidnapped by Uzair’s gang, tortured and beheaded. Their corpses were paraded before being burnt, and the ashes dumped in a sewer.

Why was Arshad Pappu a rival of Uzair Baloch?

Arshad Pappu happened to be a rival of gangster Rehman Dakait, Uzair’s first cousin, with the two involved in a bitter conflict over land and drugs in Lyari. His cousin Rehman invited him to join his gang, and while Uzair initially refused, he later acquiesced as they shared a common enemy.