What contraception is free on NHS?

Regular contraception and emergency contraception is free through the NHS and is available through your local sexual health clinic, GP or some pharmacies. You can also order oral contraception (the pill) and emergency hormonal contraception (the morning after pill) online from SH:24 for free.

What forms of contraception are there?

These methods are:

  • caps or diaphragms.
  • combined pill.
  • condoms.
  • contraceptive implant.
  • contraceptive injection.
  • contraceptive patch.
  • female condoms.
  • IUD (intrauterine device or coil)

What are the 7 forms or methods of contraception?

Birth control is any method used to prevent pregnancy. There are many different methods of birth control including condoms, IUDs, birth control pills, the rhythm method, vasectomy, and tubal ligation.

What are the different types of contraception in the NHS?

1. Cap 2. Combined pill 3. Condoms 4. Contraceptive implant 5. Contraceptive injection 6. Contraceptive patch 7. Diaphragm 8. Female condoms 9. Female sterilisation 10. IUD (intrauterine device, coil) 11. IUS (intrauterine system) 12. Progestogen-only pill (POP, mini pill)

What kind of contraception can you take if you missed the pill?

Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or if the contraception you have used has failed – for example, a condom has split or you have missed a pill. There are 2 types of emergency contraception: the emergency contraceptive pill – Levonelle or ellaOne (the “morning after” pill)

Which is the best method of contraception suits me?

These methods need to be inserted by a health professional into your uterus (IUD or IUS) or arm (the implant): The contraceptive injection can be given 1 of 2 ways: either by an intramuscular injection into the buttock, or as a subcutaneous injection into the thigh or abdomen. This is given every 8 weeks or every 12 weeks, depending on the type.

What do you need to know about birth control?

You can start by finding out about the methods of contraception you can choose from, including how they work, who can use them and possible side effects. You can also read about emergency contraception, which can be used after unprotected sex or if your normal method of contraception fails.