What charger does an iPod nano use?

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter.

Can I use any USB wall charger for iPhone?

What Charger Can I Use? As long as you’re using the right cable or the right wireless standard (and it’s difficult not to), you can use just about any charger with your phone.

Can you charge an iPod touch with an iPhone charger?

Yes. Both the iPad and iPhone wall adapters are perfectly compatible with the iPod Touch. The iPod comes with A 5 watt charger that is identical to the one that comes with the iPhone, so not sure why Apple would recommend against it.

Do iPod touches come with wall chargers?

No wall charger. No Charger, must purchase separately. on the upside, iPods can be charged with pretty much any charger.

Can I charge my iPod nano with a wall charger?

yes you can charge the nano with it. there both usb.

Do fake iPhone chargers ruin your battery?

Charging your phone is not about finding a cable and plug that fit. Some chargers take much longer to fill your battery. Others damage your device. The fake charger that you purchased may actually be killing the battery that it was working to revive.

Are all USB wall plugs the same?

Not all USB chargers, connectors, and cables are born equal. You’ve probably noticed that some wall chargers are stronger than others. Sometimes, one USB socket on a laptop is seemingly more powerful than the other. On some desktop PCs, even when they’re turned off, you can charge your smartphone via a USB socket.

Does it matter what charger I use for my iPhone?

Two devices, one charger, zero problems. It’s a common question: Your iPad and iPhone share the same connector, but their power adapters are different sizes and have different wattage ratings.

Do Ipods come charger?

AirPods do not come with the actual charger (except the lightning cable), they just have the capability to wirelessly charge.

What kind of charger does an iPod touch use?

Apple’s iPod touch has a 30-pin docking port that matches the port on the iPod nano, iPod classic, iPhone and iPad. A cable from any of these devices or any other cable that has the 30-pin Apple adapter at one end and a USB connector on the other will charge the iPod Touch.