What can I expect from a CRN evaluation?

A CRN evaluation is a set of roughly 115 questions pertaining to AOD use, with specific questions about the day of and the month prior to the DUI charge. Based on the results of the CRN evaluation, a full alcohol and other drug assessment may be required in order to determine a program recommendation.

What happens at ARD hearing?

The A.R.D. hearing will be held in open court in the presence of the defendant, their attorney, a representative of the District Attorney and any victims who attend. At such hearing, if all court costs, fees and restitution are paid, the court will inform the defendant of the conditions of the A.R.D. Program.

What is CRN in PA?

The CRN evaluation is a pre-screening tool used to determine if you will be referred for a more comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment. It is also used as a statistical tool for Pennsylvania. The evaluation takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

What is an ARD hearing in PA?

ARD stands for “Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.” According to the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, If the case is approved by the District Attorney, the District Attorney then makes a “motion” to the trial court for the case to be considered for ARD.

How long does it take to get approved for ARD?

This is a lengthy process that can take up to six months to complete. Q: Am I required to pay off all outstanding case balances on previous common plea cases before entering ARD?

What is a CRN?

Page 1. A Course Reference Number (CRN) is a unique 5 digit identifier assigned to a class for registration purposes. An Advisor will assign you CRNs during advising so that you may register.

What is a DL 21cf in PA?

DL-21 refers to a Form. It is the form the clerk of a court of record of Pennsylvania sends to the Department of transportation regarding judgment of conviction, acquittal or other disposition of charges under 75 Pa.

Can I get a CRN number online?

The quickest way to get a CRN is with myGov. To start you need a myGov account. Once you’ve created your myGov account, follow these steps to prove your identity online and get a CRN. Sign in to myGov.

Where can I find my CRN number?

It is available on the bottom left corner of the your credit/debit card. You can also know your CRN by sending a SMS ‘CRN’ to 9971056767 from your registered mobile number.

Where can I find Dauphin County PA data?

Data can now be accessed from the open data platform . Please use our contact form with questions or inquiries regarding data. Dauphin County continually updates maps to improve spatial accuracy and attribute information.

Are there any warranties for Dauphin County PA?

Please use our contact form with questions or inquiries regarding data. Dauphin County continually updates maps to improve spatial accuracy and attribute information. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the positional or thematic accuracy of the data herein, its use, or its interpretation.

Is there sales tax in Dauphin County PA?

View county tax parcel boundaries and aerial photography. View the current water levels of rivers, creeks and streams, based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stream gauges. Listed below are the current prices for the most commonly requested GIS map products; prices include the 6% PA sales tax.

Where are the townhouses in Dauphin County PA?