What Brother label maker uses Tze tape?

P-touch Label Maker
Brother Genuine TZe Label Tapes are engineered to print high quality labels with your P-touch Label Maker. Protect your investment by using Brother Genuine label tapes….

Color Black on White
Size 2-Pack
Material Paper
Brand Brother
Finish Type Laminated

How do you change the font size on a Brother P-Touch Home and Hobby?

Change the character or font size

  1. Hold down the Code key and the & (Size) key.
  2. The current size is displayed and shown by the indicator at the top of the display.
  3. Keep the Code key held down and continue pressing the & (Size) key until the desired size is displayed.
  4. Release both keys.

How do I make labels on my Brother P Touch?

Instructions for a Brother P Touch Label Maker

  1. Insert batteries into your Brother P Touch Label Maker.
  2. Insert a new tape cassette into the cassette tape compartment on the bottom of the P Touch Label Maker.
  3. Power on the label maker by pressing the “On/Off” switch.

How do I clear my brother P-touch?

You can reset the internal memory of your P-touch when you want to clear all saved label files, or in the event the P-touch labeler is not operating correctly. Turn off the P-touch. While holding down the Shift and R keys, press the Power key to turn the P-touch back on. Release the Shift and R keys.

How do I reset my brother label maker to factory settings?

These steps will reset the label machine to its default factory settings.

  1. Turn off the label machine.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and the letter R key.
  3. While holding down the keys, press the Power key once to turn on the label machine.
  4. Release the keys.
  5. “inch” will be displayed and press the Enter key.

How do I change the font size on a Brother P-Touch?

How do I change the font size?

  1. Press the FONT key.
  2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to highlight the current size selection.
  3. Press the LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW key to change the current size selection.
  4. Press the OK key to confirm the change.
  5. Available font/ character sizes are listed below.

How do I change the letter size on my Brother P-Touch?

How do I change the size of characters?

  1. Press the Function (Fn / F) key.
  2. Press the Cursor ( / ) key until “SIZE” is displayed.
  3. Press the OK key or the Enter key.
  4. Press the Cursor ( / ) key until your desired size is displayed.
  5. Press the OK key or the Enter key. The selected setting is applied to the entire text.

What does brother P-touch home and hobby labeler do?

Brother P-Touch Home and Hobby Electronic Labeling System. Creates adhesive backed non-laminated tapes for many hime, office and school uses. Prints black letters on durable color tapes. Uses “M” tapes up to 1/2 inch. Prints in 9 type styles, 5 sizes and up tp 2 lines. Tape cutter blade cuts cleanly and safely.

Which is the Best Label Maker brother or P-touch?

Handheld Label Makers Business & Shipping Label Printers Large Label Makers Find Out Which P-touch Is Right For You Browse our full selection of Brother Label Makers and Label Printers and find the one that’s just right for you. Learn more Cutting & Crafting

What do P-Touch label makers do for You?

P-touch Label Makers Help You Add a Personal Touch. Whether you need to organize, customize, personalize or add a decorative touch, Brother has just the right P-touch label maker to meet your needs.

What kind of printer does brother P touch use?

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