What are the top 10 Ugandan songs?

The Official Ugandan Music Countdown: Weekly and Daily Music Chart

  • LD: 2. Thank God Vinka.
  • LD: 1. Slow Dancing Azawi.
  • LD: 3. Love Olinonya Liam Voice.
  • LD: 4. Omwana Wabandi Daddy Andre.
  • LD: 8. Tupaate Pia Pounds.
  • LD: 5. Kapeesa Lydia jazmine.
  • LD: 6. Oluvanyuma Zulitums.
  • LD: 7. Tupaate Remix Pia Pounds Ft.

Which song was the best in 2020 in Uganda?

Below are his Top 100 Ugandan Songs of 2020:

  • Malamu – Pallaso.
  • Tweyagale – Eddy Kenzo.
  • Munda Awo – B2C.
  • Sharp Shooter – Chosen Blood.
  • Kwata Essimu – Winnie Nwagi ft Free Boy.
  • Baliwa – Jose Chameleone.
  • Kyoyina Omanya Rmx – Crysto Panda ft Sheebah.
  • Ratata – Zex Bilangilangi.

Who is the best Ugandan artist 2020?

Pallaso, Eezzy top Bebe Cool’s list of best artistes of 2020

  • Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso.
  • Eric Opoka alias Eezzy.
  • Taddeo Mayega alias Zex Bilangilangi,
  • Sheeba Karungi alias Queen Sheebah.
  • Ssebunya Alpa alias Mudra.
  • Carol Namulindwa alias Karole Kasita.
  • B2C aka The Kampala Boyz.
  • Nakanwangi Winfred alias Winnie Nwagi.

Who is John BLAQ?

John Kasadha (commonly known as John Blaq (b. 16 July 1996) is a Ugandan musical artist, musician and entertainer. His style is primarily dancehall and afrobeat….

John Blaq
Born 16 July 1996 Jinja
Origin Jinja, Uganda
Genres Rapper, Hip hop, Electronic
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter

Where can I download international songs?

12 Best Websites To Download Foreign Music For Free in 2021

  • Toxicwap.com. Toxicwap is one of the best sites to download both Naija and foreign music for free.
  • Wiseloaded.com.
  • Hitmytrack.com.
  • Hotnewwhiphop.com.
  • Music212.com.
  • Talkmusics.com.
  • Trendybeatz.com.
  • Hotmack.com.

Who is the best singer in Uganda 2021?

Dancehall musician Pallaso was the biggest winner at the 2021 Zzina Awards, which were held at Zzina Tower in Kampala, Uganda, at the weekend. The ‘Malamu’ hitmaker won in the Best Male Artist, Song of the Year and Artist of the Year categories. Pallaso won three awards.

What music is popular in Uganda?

Kidandali is a music genre that currently is arguably the most popular genre of music in Uganda. However, the term “kidandali” is not universally agreed on as the name of this genre with some local sources preferring instead to use the very simplistic term “Band Music” while others prefer the term Afrobeat ,…

What kind of music does Uganda have?

Kidandali style of music is the most popular kind of music in Uganda. It takes after Afrobeat or “band music”, even if this style shares little similarity with Afrobeat. The roots of this genre can be traced back as far back as when Uganda got its independence and bands sprung up in the various parts of the country.

What is Uganda culture?

The culture of Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu-speaking people, who dominate much of East, Central, and Southern Africa. In Uganda, they include the Baganda and several other tribes. In the north, the Lango and the Acholi peoples predominate, who speak Nilotic languages .

What does Ugandan mean?

Ugandan means belonging or relating to Uganda or to its people or culture. A Ugandan is a Ugandan citizen, or a person of Ugandan origin.