What are the most comfortable women’s dress shoes?

There is no general answer to this basic question. However, we all know that modern women have lots of options in order to get the comfortable women shoe that is going to change they interact with others in their daily lives.There are many variable to get dress shoes that are most comfortable for women.

Shoes brands are lately accentuating the fact that women like to have one pair of shoes adequate to support both their working life as well as the leisure time. These combinations ares not easy to make since many women have different style and fashion criteria.

However, lately we have seen shoes brands to develop and advertise new pairs of shoes with slightly elevated soles that can serve both as working shoes as well as leisure time ones. The difference relies on the acceptability of these shoes by the women that are about to wear them.

In terms of style and fashion these shoes are quite acceptable by women of all ages. Especially the younger ones that are most concentrated in their external appearance are going to love this kind of shoes.

Sandals for the summer

These shoes are showing a progressive acceptance by a great number of women who like to go directly to the parties from their workplace. These shoes are having a unique breathability that help women wear them without the need to have socks or other garments put on their feet.

This breathability gives them also the chance to regulate the inner shoes temperature a lot easier. It can give them more confidence that they will end the night sweat free that is so important for women that use their shoes for dancing and walking.

Not to mention, that lately we have seen many sandals to have competitive appearance compared to the well-known and established high heels. They do have a shorter heel area however this doesn’t remove much from their appearance.

High heels are always the queen’s choice

Most of women who are fond of wearing dresses are also probable to wear high heels. These are the characteristic shoes for women that like to seduce people when being around walking on them. There is a special myth of the fatal women that wear the high heels, accentuated by the companies which produce such footwear.

Their special features include more sophisticated balance systems since there is a lot of standing and walking when wearing these shoes. Since the heel is elevated compared to the rest of the body, there is a lot of pressure exerted to the metatarsals area. That is why these shoes are having a less aggravated forefoot area that leave the toe fingers a lot of space to wear them properly and balance.

These shoes are having the best fashion and style that you could have ever asked for. Created and designed from the most prominent shoes fashion makers in the world they do serve well as dress shoes for any possible occasion.

How can dress shoes become more comfortable?

There are certain ways to make dress shoes more comfortable. Some of them are:

· Extended breathability. This is a key issue for the success of the dress shoes. Inner part of the shoes is supposed to be breathable and have lots of air flow coming to them. They can extinct the sweat production in a matter of minutes.

· Durability. One of the most important aspects of the modern dress shoes. They need to have firm connections of the leathers to the outsole since they are going to get aggravated by the body pressure when walking or dancing.

· Improved cushioning. All dress shoes that respect themselves are having extra cushioned insoles that protect the heel and foot curve areas. This is important since these areas are getting much of the tension from the everyday chores, women are doing using their dress shoes.


There is a great need to redefine what is the best type of dress shoes for women. The most comfortable type is the one that gives you the chance to wear them for multiple hours without getting hurt.

Style and fashion can always be important when buying for new dress shoes, however you need to make sure that the comfortability comes first.