What are the features of a NCR SelfServ ATM?

The NCR SelfServ ATM Family has a wide range of new security features “designed in” as a fundamental requirement New external and internal design characteristics turn ATM crime protection to ATM crime prevention with sophisticated security features and countermeasures for fraud management, access control and authentication

How big is the deposit capacity of a NCR ATM?

Deposit – Up to 100 mixed media capacity. End users of financial institutions that work with certified NCR partners benefit from ATM availability and up-to-date security measures, resulting in maximum self-service availability for consumers and protection for the financial institution’s brand.

What kind of POS system does NCR use?

From Aloha POS, Aloha Mobile POS and self-ordering kiosks, to guest and table management, kitchen production and payment processing, you can ensure speed, accuracy and ease of use with our POS systems—built by people who know restaurant operations inside and out.

How does NCR suppliers access their invoices?

NCR suppliers can access and update information regarding invoices, orders, billing inquiry and performance evaluations. Through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, we’re committed to addressing key areas that our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and communities care about most.

Which is the latest ATM recycler from NCR?

Less space. With NCR SelfServ 63, our newest ATM recycler with integrated check deposit module, you can offer your customers even more—more ways to transact, more personalization and more digital features like tap and go.

What does NCR Silver mean for your business?

Whether you run one location or many, NCR Silver can get you there. The network is the heart of digital business. We help you keep it beating with managed services that get you to market faster, extend your global reach and deliver the best customer experience. We turn everyday transactions into meaningful relationships.