What are the different categories of knives?

Types of Kitchen Knives

  • Chef’s Knife. Also called a cook’s knife, this is the most important blade in your kitchen.
  • Santoku Knife. The Santoku knife is a Japanese version of the Western-style chef’s knife.
  • Utility Knife.
  • Kitchen Shears.
  • Boning Knife.
  • Bread Knife.
  • Paring Knife.
  • Steak Knife.

What are the 6 types of knives?

6 Types of Knives to Keep in Your Kitchen

  • The Chef’s Knife. If you could only have one knife in your kitchen, the chef’s knife is the way to go.
  • The Santoku Knife.
  • The Paring Knife.
  • The Utility Knife.
  • The Boning Knife.
  • The Bread Knife.
  • Keep Them Out of the Drawer.
  • Keep Them Sharp.

What are the 8 different parts of a knife?

What are the Parts of a Kitchen Knife?

  • The Edge. The edge or “cutting edge” is the sharpened part of the blade which does the actual cutting and slicing.
  • The Tip. The tip is the end of the blade.
  • The Belly.
  • The Heel.
  • The Bolster.
  • The Spine.
  • The Tang, Handle Scales, and Pins.
  • The Butt.

What are the 4 basic knives?

Here are the four knives you need:

  • Chef’s Knife (8” or 10”)
  • Paring Knife (3”)
  • Long Serrated Bread Knife.
  • Slicing/Carving Knife (10”)

What are the 5 parts of the knife?

The Different Parts of a Kitchen Knife

  • Point. The sharp end of the blade that tapers to a point, hence the name.
  • Edge. The edge is the actual working part of a knife.
  • Tip. The tip is used for delicate cutting.
  • Heel. The lower part of the blade, close to the bolster.
  • Spine.
  • Bolster.
  • Scales (handle)
  • Handle Fasteners.

What can you not cut with a santoku knife?

The meaning of the word ‘Santoku’s clearly explains what it is best used for: the ‘three virtues’ or ‘three uses’ of chopping, dicing, and mincing. It handles all of these jobs in exemplary fashion but avoid chopping large meat bones, slicing bread and precision tasks (such as peeling).

How many different types of kitchen knives are there?

We list out and explain 24 different types of kitchen and cooking knives as well as include photos of each. We also have a section on the different types of knife blades. About 68 percent of people prefer a plain edge knife to a serrated edge knife simply because the former is easier to sharpen.

Why are there different types of knife blades?

This is life in the knife world and along with every choice you make in the buying process, whether that’s blade shape or the steel it’s made out of, you’ll be making sacrifices for performance according to your own specific situation. Knives are tools and tools are crafted with respect to answering a problem.

Which is the most popular type of knife?

Here is a List of Knife Blade Types and Shapes. 1 1. Drop Point (Most Popular and Versatile) Description: The drop-point is by far the most popular blade shape today and that’s due to a simple and 2 2. Tanto. 3 3. Reverse Tanto. 4 4. Clip Point. 5 5. S Curve.

What are the different types of pocket knives?

These are commonly carried as EDC pocket knives but are found among a wide user base for many different applications.