What are the aliens called in Half-Life?

Vortigaunts are a fictional extra-dimensional species in the Half-Life series of video games by Valve. In Half-Life and its three expansions, Vortigaunts are frequently encountered by the player as hostile non-player characters in Half-Life and later as allies in Half-Life 2.

How many enemies are there in Half-Life?

There are four different ones in the game, two of which must be killed and two of which you are better off sneaking past.

Who are the enemies in Half-Life?


  • Headcrab. The lowly headcrab is the first enemy you’ll encounter, and it’s by far the most common.
  • Zombie. Want to know what happens after you’ve been headcrabbed?
  • Alien Slave.
  • Barnacle.
  • Houndeye.
  • Bullsquid.
  • Alien Grunt.
  • Tentacle.

Do Headcrabs eyes?

During the Combine occupation of Earth, Headcrabs appear to have no external sensory organs, including eyes or ears, while the Standard Headcrab had 3 eyes on each side of their bodies 20 years prior. The Standard Headcrab can also be seen burrowing in and out of the ground, but not the other species.

What is striders Half-Life?

The Strider is a large three-legged arthropod-like Combine Synth that stands approximately 15 meters tall or 50 feet. Introduced in Half-Life 2, they serve as the Combine’s main heavy ground assault unit.

How do headcrabs breed?

Undeveloped “baby” headcrabs spawn from a sack dangling beneath the creature at a fairly rapid rate. If a zombie host is of no more use to the headcrab, the animal just jumps of a host’s head, resulting in an immediate death of a host, since headcrab was in control of the host’s nervous system.

What are the aliens like in half life?

Half-Life’s aliens come in all shapes and sizes, but they do have one thing in common: they aren’t stupid. They’ll perform sophisticated threat assessments, recruit others of their kind, and figure out ways to flush you from your cover.

Where can I find information about half life?

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What are the enemies in Half Life 2?

Stay quite in the presence of tentacles, and/or distract them if you want to stay alive. With this thing roaming around in the water, nothing is safe. A ferocious predator, the Ichthyosaur can ravage even the most hardy prey in seconds.

What kind of body armor does half life have?

The gleaming partial body armor at first appeared to be the product of an advanced weapons technology; but closer examination of the occasional moribund specimen has shown it to be a biologically extruded exoskeleton, synthesized from a diet rich in certain xenotic minerals.