What are some Scrabble Words with V?


  • vagi.
  • vail.
  • vain.
  • vair.
  • vale.
  • vamp.
  • vane.
  • What four letter word has two V’s in it?


    • savvy.
    • divvy.
    • navvy.
    • civvy.
    • bevvy.
    • bivvy.
    • cavvy.
    • cvvhd.

    Is V in the Scrabble dictionary?

    V is not a Scrabble word.

    Is there a word with 2 V’s?

    They are not very common, but still there are some English words that contain two Vs in a row. Here are all such words: bevvy /ˈbɛvi/ (bev-ee) is a slang term for a drink (i.e. a beverage). The plural is “bevvies”.

    Are there any words ending with V?

    Words that End in V

    • 3 Letter Words. vav 11 guv 10 obv 10 luv 9 dev 8 lav 8 lev 8 rav 7 rev 7 sev 7
    • 4 Letter Words. chav 13 bruv 12 perv 11 spiv 11 shiv 10 eruv 9
    • 5 Letter Words. schav 14 ganev 12 parev 12
    • 6 Letter Words. improv 16 maglev 16 moshav 15 whatev 15 satnav 11
    • 7 Letter Words. isogriv 13
    • 9 Letter Words. leitmotiv 17

    What are some four letter words that end with V?

    especially one associated with aggression…

  • CHIV. Alternative form of shiv.
  • DEEV. Alternative spelling of daeva.
  • DERV. (Britain) Diesel fuel for motor vehicles.
  • definition not available.
  • ERUV.
  • GRAV.
  • MIRV.
  • OMOV.
  • PER V
  • What words have V as the fourth letter?

    4 Letter words that contain v. Arvo; Aver; Aves; Avid; Avos; Avow; Bevy; Cave; Cavy; Cove; Davy; Deva; Devs; Diva; Dive; Dove; Eave; Envy; Even; Ever; Eves; Evil; Fava; Fave; Five; Gave; Give; Guvs; Gyve; Have; Hive; Hove; Java; Jive; Jivy; Kava; Kiva; Kvas; Lava; Lave; Lavs; Leva; Levo; Levy; Live; Love; Luvs; Move; Nave; Navy; Neve; Nevi; Nova; Oval; Oven; Over; Ovum; Pave; Perv; Rave; Revs; Rive; Rove; Save; Shiv; Spiv; Tavs; Tivy; Ulva; Uvea; Vacs; Vagi; Vail; Vain; Vair; Vale; Vamp

    What is a 4 letter word that starts with V?

    4 Letter V Words. vade, vail, vain, vair, vale, vamp, vane, vang, vans, vant, vara, vare, vari, vark, vary, vasa, vase, vast, vats, vaut, veal, veda, veep, veer, vees, vega, vehm, veil, vein, vela, veld, vele, vell, vena, vend, vent, verb, verd, vers, vert, very, vese, vest, veto, vets, vial, vias, vice, vide, vied, vier, vies, view, vild, vile,…

    What are nice words start with letter V?

    Preschool/Kindergarten Words That Start With V valley: lowland between hills or mountains van: large vehicle for carrying cargo or lots of people vast: very big or immense vat: large open jar or basin vault: to jump over veer: to turn sharply vent: hole to let air in or out very: to a high degree or extreme level vest: a piece of clothing like a shirt without sleeves