What are merged companies called?

Conglomerate. A merger between firms that are involved in totally unrelated business activities. Pure conglomerate mergers involve firms with nothing in common, while mixed conglomerate mergers involve firms that are looking for product extensions or market extensions.

Which company merged with which company?

Board Meetings

Security Code Name of the Company Reasons
500070 Bank of Punjab Ltd. Amalgamation with Centurion Bank Ltd.
500019 Bank of Rajasthan Limited Amalgamation with ICICI Bank Limited
502722 Banswara Textiles Mills Ltd. Amalgamation with Banswara Syntex Ltd.
530415 Bayer Cropscience Ltd. Amalgamation with Bayer (India) Ltd.

What is a Congeneric merger example?

An example of a congeneric merger is when banking giant Citicorp merged with financial services company Travelers Group in 1998. 1 In a deal valued at $70 billion, the two companies joined forces to create Citigroup Inc. 2 While both companies were in the financial services industry, they had different product lines.

When to create a new brand name after a merger?

What are the reasons a company would create a new name after a merger, acquisition or spin-off? When two merged companies are capable of transforming their field, an entirely new brand name is often preferable. Here are some reasons why. 1. To signal a new position in the market or business direction

How are brands used in mergers and acquisitions?

Most mergers tend to choose one of two options: either subsuming the target company into the brand of the acquirer, or allowing each brand to continue as if independent.

Are there any high value mergers and acquisitions?

While high-value mergers and acquisitions always make headlines, not all of them result in success.

Who is the expert on mergers in business?

Eric Estevez is financial professional for a large multinational corporation. His experience is relevant to both business and personal financial topics. High-value mergers among global or domestic business corporations have always attracted attention and spawned case studies as they have interesting implications for business development.