What are duvan cvarci?

Duvan čvarci is a version of pork cracklings originating from Serbia. Unlike the usual pork crackling, duvan cracklings contain only 10% of fat, which is the reason for their unique flavor. They’re considered a delicacy because the preparation process takes a long time and results in small quantities of the cracklings.

How are cvarci made?

Cvarci are a kind of rustic countryside specialty and are usually home made. They’re made by melting lard, which is cut in blocks at about 1 inch in size and slowly fried in their own fat. During the process, you have to keep turning them so that they don’t stick to the bottom of a pan.

What are serbian greaves?

Are a kind of rustic countryside specialty, common to Serbia and lowland Pannonian regions of Croatia. They can also be found in other countries. Greaves meat. Greaves (singular Čvarak) is a specialty of west Balkan cuisine, a variant of pork rinds. They are a kind of pork ‘crisps’, with fat thermally.

What exactly is a pork rind?

Pork rinds are a snack made from deep-fried pig skin. They’re also known as chicharrones. Some companies offer gourmet flavors of pork rinds. Some high-end restaurants have even added gourmet pork rinds to their menus.

What is in lard?

Lard is made from 100 percent animal fat (usually pork) that has been separated from the meat. Most lard is made through a process called rendering, whereby the fatty parts of the pig (such as the belly, butt, and shoulder) are cooked slowly until the fat is melted.

Why do I feel sick after eating pork rinds?

Trichinosis is a food-borne illness that is caused by eating raw or undercooked meats, particularly pork products infested with a particular worm. Typical symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, chills and headaches.

Is lard good or bad?

Yes, that’s right lard has 20 percent less saturated fat than butter; it’s also higher in monounsaturated fats, which are good for cardiovascular health. Lard is also rich in oleic acid, the same fatty acid that is in olive oil and praised for its health benefits.