Top Facts about PRINCE2

PRINCE2 was released in 2017 in order to holster a new era in Project Management methodology. The world-renowned model has gained wide attention for its success in handling projects, both large and small. If you are ready to move towards management and shoulder more responsibilities in your workplace, read on to find out how a PRINCE2 Foundation certification is the right choice for you.

  1. PRINCE stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. PRINCE2 is the second iteration of the model, after the 2009 version. PRINCE2 brings about critical changes that are more suited to today’s organizational challenges.
  2. PRINCE2 actually originated as a framework for the UK government. But it’s success allows it to expand across the globe, and companies from more than 150 countries now use PRINCE2 methodologies to tackle project management challenges.
  3. PRINCE2 is a highly flexible framework and can easily modify and tailored to fit the needs of the project as well as the organization. PRINCE2 can also be used in conjugation with other models. It does not pose any conflicts with any existing models.
  4. PRINCE2 is all about managing in small bits. A PRINCE2 Foundation certification training will help you undertake large projects with confidence, as you will be equipped with the technical know-how and the organizational principles to successfully undertake projects with a large scope.
  5. PRINCE2 methodology consists of 4 integral parts. Principals, Themes, Processes and Project Environment.
  6. PRINCE2 Foundation is highly recommended for individuals who want to transition to team lead roles. It can help you stand out among your team as a certified individual in dealing with managerial roles.
  7. Taking up PRINCE2 training will help you develop leadership skills. You will learn how to manage budgets, how to communicate effectively, how to prioritize, and even how to manage big projects to sizeable chunks. You will also imbibe good practices for better time management. With these skills, you can be assured that taking Project Management will be the ideal choice for your career path.
  8. PRINCE2 certification is globally accepted. There is also a global community of individuals, My PRINCE, who actively participate in continually providing support to its members. Receiving a PRINCE2 certification can help you develop contacts with reputed PRINCE2 professionals from across the globe, thus furthering job prospects. With My PRINCE subscription, you will also be given access to several white papers and technical information that are exclusively for you. These may also include case studies that can help you apply new methods to your work environment.
  9. PRINCE2 certification consists of 2 levels – Foundation and Practitioner.
  10. PRINCE2 Foundation is ideal for team members who want to understand organizational workflow and the principles and guidelines of successful Project management.
  11. PRINCE2 Practitioner gives you the ability to take on the tasks needed to tailor PRINCE2 projects according to your organizational needs. You must have cleared PRINCE2 foundation to take up PRINCE2 Practitioner.
  12. PRINCE2 Foundation course exam lasts for one hour and consists of 60 MCQs. Passing it gives you a digital badge that you can post on your professional handle as well as a one-year subscription to My PRINCE. There are no prerequisites for taking this exam.
  13. PRINCE2 Practitioner is an objective type open book exam that lasts two and a half hours.
  14. The credits for PRINCE2 Practitioner expire after three years. Retaking the exam or maintaining CPD will help you retain your badge.

With several organizations across the globe realizing the potential of the new changes happening across the IT industry-wide, there have been considerations of taking up new projects. But many have tanked as there is a talent gap in the market for certified Project Management professionals. Because of digital transformation, many new industries are wanting to incorporate IT in new and different ways. Capable individuals who have enthusiasm for the latest technological innovations and are proactive about integrating such systems in their work environment should definitely look into Project Management as an exciting career choice. The career path for Project management professionals is looking really bright as experienced professionals are getting opportunities in new and fun roles like Innovation Delivery Manager, Program Manager, and Project Management Analyst. There has been a wide amount of anecdotal evidence that Project Management professionals are highly suited for entrepreneurial roles as they expose themselves to a wide set of responsibilities include finance, team management and key decision making very early in their careers. Project Management is a great way to show the creative side of you even at work!