The potential of 3D VR in online Vegas slot games and gambling in general

According to the Juniper Research analytical agency, the number of bets made in virtual reality gambling will grow tenfold over the next four years. But virtual reality headsets, although they have long been on the market, are not affordable for everyone. The disadvantage of VR is that many users experience serious discomfort after diving into the “other world” – for example, dizziness.

This raises the reasonable question: is it worth using this technology right now? To answer it, you need to carefully study the market, to understand its potential.

Virtual reality in Vegas slots online today

VR gambling is usually spoken of as something that awaits us in the future, but virtual reality has been available for a long time in the sphere of gambling entertainment. The most striking example is the SlotsMillion VR casino, opened in 2015. The experience that the player receives in it is unique and cannot be compared with anything.

The user needs to put on the VR headset, after that you may experience real gambling halls without leaving own home and you can walk through it, sit at a table or enjoy a very realistic panorama of the city from the window. Such type of VR entertainment can be played with friends – the technology allows you to play with a company up to 20 people.

There are 40 different free 3D Vegas slots online are available to the user. Each game has improved graphics and deep atmosphere of a real casino.

By the way, more and more game developers are focusing on immersive reality technologies. Microgaming, the creator of the world’s first mobile casino, is actively involved in developing projects for Google Glass and other devices with AR support. The Microgaming company also presented VR roulette, which takes the user into outer space. Interesting content with full immersion is also offered by such large and famous companies as Lucky VR, NetEnt, VR Poker. All this proves that the leaders of the gaming market see serious potential in this type of entertainment.

Public opinion

Activity in the new ways of gambling entertainment among the industry leaders in iGaming is understandable. The gambling niche requires them to be able to look deeper into the future and calculate everything in advance. But what about ordinary people? Are they ready to use VR?

Studies show that people’s interest in technology is increasing every year. At first, VR tech caused the greatest excitement among young people. In 2015, Touchstone Research found out that most young people are aware of the existence of virtual reality and are generally ready to use it. These results were also confirmed by a recent Opinion survey among UK residents.

Experts have also identified increased interest in VR technology among people of other age groups. Even more: at least 10% of respondents with the age over 55 have already tried virtual reality. Among young people and people aged 35–54 years, this indicator reached 40% and 24%, respectively. At the same time, 92% of all respondents confirmed their interest in VR.

A similar study in Russia was conducted by the AVRA association. According to study, 26% of respondents aged 18-57 have already tried virtual reality, and 29% said they would like to have such an experience. 57% of respondents know what virtual reality is, and 60% agree to attend immersive movie theaters and attractions.

But what about the price?

One of the problems with the development of VR gambling today is the cost of virtual reality headsets, which is still too high for a wide category of users. We are talking about headsets designed for PC. Mobile counterparts, on the contrary, demonstrate a rapid decrease in cost, although they are not able to give high-quality graphics.

In general, experts agree that the price of devices will fall over time, and their functionality will improve. For example, according to Piper Jaffrey estimates, virtual reality headsets will be nearly half the price by 2025.


Gambling in virtual reality is a promising direction in the entertainment industry, which has already left the category of “someday” and moved forward to “now”.

At the same time, the development of this direction is fraught with difficulties: this is the high cost of virtual reality headsets, and their negative impact on the body. However, all these problems will be resolved over time.

You can even say that the presence of such difficulties is the norm when introducing a new large-scale technology. Recall the grows of the industry of mobile phones: it took 10 years for mobile phones to become a mass-production segment.